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Bangladesh to invest in synthetic fibre for growth

Jul 28, 2021
Bangladesh to invest in synthetic fibre for growth


Bangladesh is reportedly planning to invest in synthetic fibre as its demand is rising in the international market. The country also wants to invest more in material to boost garment exports.

According to apparel exporters, synthetic fibre is the future. The reputed brands are now leaning towards man-made and recycled fibre to achieve sustainability due to which this sector has become more export-oriented.  According to apparel exporters, many high-end brands have stopped buying apparel produced from non-recyclable material.

As per BTMA, 99,345 tonnes of polyester staple fibre has been imported by local spinners in 2020. As of now, 40 spinning mills have imported PSF fibre for producing high-end garments. According to Fazlul Hoque, Vice President, BTMA, the number of textile mills that are currently producing synthetic yarns and fabrics is below 50 in 2016 and many textile mills will enter the production of synthetic fibre within 2 to 3 years. He also said that Bangladesh has the potential to produce synthetic fibre-based textile and apparel in order to achieve greater per unit values.

According to Md Khorshed Alam, Chairman, Little Star Spinning Limited, Bangladesh’s investment in the synthetic fibre sector is growing because the buyers are opting for the fabric as a substitute to cotton fibre for sustainability and environmental issues. He also said that the use of man-made fibre has also increased due to an increase in the production of value-added garment items.

Source – Dhaka Tribune

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