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Gain scale to re-weave India’s success story

admin- September 27, 2022

Pranav Chaudhry and Aditya Rajyan analyse the Indian textile & apparel industry's standing amid the changing market scenario and how it can emerge as a ... Read More

Bangladesh to invest in synthetic fibre for growth

admin- July 28, 2021

Bangladesh wants to invest in synthetic fibre as its demand is rising in the international market. The country also wants to invest more in material ... Read More

India to hit $7 bn in MMF textiles exports in 2020: SRTEPC

admin- January 10, 2020

Exports of Indian man-made fibre (MMF) textiles is expected to reach $7 billion by the end of fiscal 2020-21, witnessing a growth of at least ... Read More

Lenzing fibres now fully biodegradable

admin- September 6, 2019

Lenzing has received confirmation of full biodegradability of its fibres in fresh water by independent research laboratory Organic Waste Systems (OWS). Read More

More innovations need of the hour

admin- May 1, 2019

What?s next? Is the constant question that pops every second in today?s world. We all know that innovation and creativity has no boundary. Read More

A new twist on industrial knitting

admin- May 1, 2019

The Corizon yarn consists of a core filament wrapped with a bundle of cotton or synthetic fibre known as a roving – an intermediate product ... Read More

Recycling of polyester waste

admin- April 1, 2018

Polyester-based fibres contribute 70 per cent of the total synthetic fibre production worldwide, say RN Turukmane, SS Gulhane and AL Bhongade. Recycling of polyester waste ... Read More