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The impact of high-performance interlining in garment durability

admin- February 22, 2024

The impact of interlining on how long clothes last is clear, and it will keep shaping the future of fashion, affirms Sivasailam G. Fashion is ... Read More

An innovative concept in the weaving of 3D seamless complex woven preforms

admin- February 21, 2024

A limitation of 2D carbon fibre reinforcement is that, when moulds are used, problems, such as wrinkling, occur in complex shapes. Carbon fibre-reinforced plastics (CFRPs) ... Read More

Driving change in the textile industry

admin- February 14, 2024

The Indian textile industry is poised for remarkable growth in the forthcoming years, says Pratik Gadia. The textile industry holds a crucial role in India ... Read More

The PLI scheme is a step in the right direction

Divya S- February 14, 2024

From setting up the first textile mill in Ahemdabad to becoming the third-largest textile mill in the country, Mafatlal Industries has built a foundation on ... Read More

The government’s focus into the MMF sector will create many opportunities

Divya S- February 14, 2024

Rieter is the world’s leading supplier of systems for manufacturing yarn from staple fibres in spinning mills. Based in Winterthur (Switzerland), the company develops and ... Read More

Weaving the future: India’s textile and apparel sector amidst global challenges

admin- February 14, 2024

With modernised infrastructure, government support, and a renewed focus on innovation and market access, the Indian industry is poised to reclaim its global leadership despite ... Read More

Decoding 2023 and forecasting the future in 2024 and beyond

admin- February 14, 2024

Implementation of various industry friendly textile policies by several state governments is a move in the right direction, says Dr S K Sundararaman The global ... Read More