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Hanif achieves 10% productivity increase thanks to Rieter after sales

admin- February 21, 2024

The guiding arm refurbishment and doffer kit solution offered by Rieter helped Hanif increase productivity by 10 per cent. Hanif Spinning Mills in Bangladesh achieved ... Read More

What’s next for India’s textile and apparel industry?

admin- February 12, 2024

The industry's success will be influenced by factors such as technological disruptions, changing consumer preferences, and geopolitical dynamics, informs Robert P Antoshak. The success of ... Read More

Spinning Woes

admin- January 25, 2024

Examining the various challenges confronting the Indian spinning industry, Divya Shetty explores the root causes and potential solutions. While the spinning industry holds a pivotal ... Read More

Local textile industry at risk due to India-Bangladesh FTA

admin- January 17, 2024

The increase in imports from Bangladesh has resulted in a gradual decline in domestic production over the years. The textile industry, which has been adversely ... Read More

India boosts Kasturi Cotton to compete with Bangladesh, Vietnam in textile exports

admin- January 11, 2024

The Union Finance Ministry will decide on extending the loan moratorium for the sector under the Emergency Credit Line Guarantee Scheme (ECLGS). As of January ... Read More

Bihar welcomes more Bangladeshi companies to set up units in the state

admin- November 28, 2023

Bangladesh is quickly becoming a major player in the global textile sector. However, the textile industry there is encountering challenges such as labour and infrastructure, ... Read More

RMG owners hesitate to set up factories in Bangladesh’s largest estate       

admin- November 7, 2023

Some have even cancelled their leases, citing slow progress in constructing vital infrastructures such as access roads and essential utilities for investment. Bangladesh's largest industrial ... Read More