Truetzschler OPTIMA for 4-end BCF spinning

Truetzschler OPTIMA for 4-end BCF spinning

In recent years, the demand for smooth, velvety carpet surfaces has increased. Innovations in this area are in demand because only high-count yarns with the smallest single filament titre can produce the desired results. The new OPTIMA MO40-E makes it possible.

The Truetzschler OPTIMA concept which was designed as a single machine for carpet filament yarn production initially has now evolved into a system platform, with the new MO40-E. Truetzschler Man-Made Fibers’ Optima range of carpet yarn machines consists of the compact MO40-C extrusion system for standard yarn and the MO40-E for standard and specialty Bulk Continuous Filament (BCF) yarn production.

MO40-C: A 4-end extrusion system for standard BCF filament yarns

Unveiled at ITMA 2019, Barcelona, the Truetzschler “OPTIMA” is a proprietary 4-end carpet yarn machine. Today, MO40-C BCF systems are running stably and efficiently at various customer sites.

MO40-E: A flexible solution for high count and standard yarn qualities
In recent years, the demand for smooth, velvety carpet surfaces has increased. Innovations in this area are in demand because only a large number of finest carpet yarns can produce the desired velvety-smooth surface. The production of so-called high-count yarns with the smallest single filament titre is demanding – but with the new MO40-E it is within reach.

More filaments in a BCF yarn require more and larger spinnerets. This leads to larger spin packs and wider spin beams. High-quality yarns are only created if the still hot and soft individual filaments do not stick together after the spinnerets are all evenly cooled. The MO40-E therefore also has a widened quenching cabinet so that the cool process air reaches all the individual filaments evenly.

MO40-C and MO40-E in comparison:

 MO40-C (Compact)MO40-E (Extended)
Position pitch (mm)20002500
Max. no. of filaments500750
Titre range (dTex)1500 -600027503-70002 (500 – 7.0002)4
dpf range (dTex)51.5 – 281.5 – 28
Spinneret width (mm)240400
Quench cabinet width (mm)12551760

Note: Depending on polymer and number of filaments:

1 2 different spin packs

2 Assembled/plied

3 MO40-E spin pack

4 Standard MO40-C spin pack with adapter

5 Depending on polymer, number of filaments and texturing

Since high-count yarns are a niche product, the MO40-E is also designed to produce standard BCF with titres of 3 dpf or more. The working window ranges from 500 to 7,000 dTex. In these cases, a standard spin pack is inserted into the spin beam with the help of an adapter.

Courtesy: A.T.E. Enterprises Pvt Ltd

About A.T.E.:

A.T.E. has over 80 years of experience in the Indian textile industry and provides end-to-end solutions across the textile value chain. Its domain knowledge and relationships have made it a sought-after partner for carpet manufacturing machinery. For more details, contact Carpet & Synthetic Machinery Division, Textile Engineering – Fabric Forming, of A.T.E. Enterprises Pvt Ltd on Tel: +91 98247 89116, Email: or visit:

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