Cosmo focuses on creating sustainable, eco-friendly products

Cosmo focuses on creating sustainable, eco-friendly products

Cosmo Speciality Chemicals is known for developing innovative products based on sustainable science. In this interview, Anil Gaikwad, Business Head, Cosmo Speciality Chemicals, elaborates more on the company’s growth plans.  

How is your company serving the textiles industry?

Cosmo Speciality Chemicals, a 100% subsidiary of Cosmo Films, has developed almost 41 products through innovations based on sustainable science for textile processors to be used during pre-treatment, dyeing & finishing applications which also help them save power and water.

Could you please brief us about some of your recently launched products for the textile industry and their advantages?

The company has recently launched 41 new products in the market for pre-treatment, dyeing and finishing and speciality textile auxiliaries. Some of the unique products developed by the company are Ecoclay, Cosmotex AVB, Wetofast LD, Superwash POL, Booster AIO and Silky CSL.

Ecoclay is a multi-functional and low foam auxiliary for bleaching based on clay technology. It is suitable for all types of cellulosic fibres and their blends. It has good stabilising effect to provide good scouring action and higher degree of whiteness index. Ecoclay further reduces the COD-BOD levels by eliminating/reducing the need for additional auxiliaries in pre-treatment baths. An eco-friendly multifunctional clay base product for pre-treatment of cotton yarn knits and terry towel.

Cosmotex AVB’s anti-viral & anti-bacterial effect withstands to minimum 40 home laundry washes. It is suitable to all types of fabrics including non-woven substrates. It is ecofriendly and compliance with REACH-SVHC, and is effective against Human Corona virus (229E) as per – ISO 18184 standard.

Wetofast LD is efficient scouring agent for all types of fabrics. It has very good wetting and detergency power which emulsifies oily and greasy impurities as well as size and soil particles. It has high dispersion & soil suspending property, and has good stability to alkali, acids and enzymes.

Superwash POL is efficient soaping agent for discontinuous/continuous process. It is organic dispersing agent with colloid-protective property. It improves wet fastness properties like wash & rubbing of dyed/printed goods after soaping. It has excellent anti-tinting property for printed goods, and is effective in hard water and suitable on wide range of pH. Superwash POLhelps in avoiding tinting on ground of printed goods, and does not foam, therefore ideally suitable for Jet & softflow machines.

Booster AIO is low foam, all-in-one auxiliary for bleaching based on surfactant. It is suitable for all types of cellulosic fibres and their blends. It has good stabilising effect to provide good scouring action and achieves 3-4 degree of higher whiteness index in full whites. Booster AIO, which reduces caustic soda dosages, is eco-friendly product that reduces effluent load.

Silky CSL, which is economical hydrophilic cationic softener with luxurious soft feel, is suitable for knits & towel, where water retention is required. It imparts surface smoothness and supple handle, and gives bulkiness and lubricity.

Apart from textile chemicals, Cosmo Speciality Chemicals has also started manufacturing masterbatches as part of backward integration for our films business, and are working towards launching industrial adhesives by the end of the year 2021.

How is your company helping textile companies who are looking to adopt sustainable manufacturing processes and produce green/eco-friendly textile products?

All our products are either GOTS certified or under consideration for the certification. The raw material sourced for the production of our textile chemicals is completely eco-friendly, and hence our products do not harm the environment. Our products help save water due our efficient production process, and does not cause any water or air pollution as compared to other textile chemicals.

Our focus on creating sustainable and eco-friendly products is what differentiates us from other players in the market. Also, we have an expert team of chemical scientists and technical expertise who are working day and night to engineer best in class products which accentuates the quality of the fabric, giving value addition in finishing effect, without hampering the texture or the color of the fabric.

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