Tips to fix air compressor leaks to save energy

Tips to fix air compressor leaks to save energy

Leaks in air compressors is costly and can lead to various other operating losses. Conrad Latham, GM (Compress Technique), Atlas Copco, offers tips to achieve sustainable energy savings by fixing air compressor leaks.

Leaks in air compressors often tend to get ignored, but they can be a considerable source of energy wastage in an industrial compressed air system. A typical manufacturing facility or a plant (not properly serviced on time) will likely have a leak rate close to 20% of total compressed air production capacity. As per our energy managers, a 1 mm hole can lead to leakage of 3 cfm which may cost you approximately Rs 22,000 in a year. Leaks can also lead to various other operating losses as they cause a drop in the overall system pressure, which can make air tools function less efficiently, adversely affecting production.

The method of leak quantification can help in formulating a strategy to take a sustainable action on the compressed air leaks. It will also help in prioritizing the actions on the leaks based on the locations and repair them effectively in the compressor room. This way additionally, a reasonable amount of energy can be saved with lower energy consumption and by optimizing the air compressor.


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