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Tips to fix air compressor leaks to save energy

admin- May 1, 2021

Leaks in air compressors is costly and can lead to various other operating losses. Conrad Latham, GM (Compress Technique), Atlas Copco, offers tips to achieve ... Read More

Optimising energy efficiency

admin- June 16, 2020

Compressed air is used in almost all the process machines from blow rooms, carding, spinning, winding, weaving and other machinery for both controlling and operations. Read More

All industries today use compressed air: KS Natarajan

admin- June 8, 2020

In this interview, KS Natarajan, Managing Director, Trident Pneumatics, speaks on the rising demand for medical oxygen plants due to Covid 19 pandemic, and how ... Read More

ELGi opens new HQ in Europe

admin- November 1, 2019

The new headquarters will house over 20 people and feature training rooms and offices designed to build collaboration and foster innovation, in line with the ... Read More

Elgi’s US subsidiary opens office in LA

admin- September 3, 2019

Pattons, the US subsidiary of Elgi Equipments, one of the world’s leading air-compressor manufacturers, has announced expansion of its services to Los Angeles, California Read More

Elgi unveils EN series compressors

admin- March 1, 2019

Elgi has launched an enhanced, energy-efficient encapsulated air compressor range, the features of which include reduced energy costs, high reliability, and ease of maintenance. Read More

New Atlas Copco air compressor combines high flow & low energy consumption

admin- October 17, 2018

Atlas Copco’s ZH 1000-3150 oil-free centrifugal air compressor is designed to meet the needs of the air separation industry for a larger centrifugal air compressor ... Read More