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Air quality: How to get it right

admin- July 1, 2021

Temperature, pressure and humidity have critical roles to play in textile manufacturing processes. Equally important is the maintenance of right air quality for obtaining optimum ... Read More

Atlas Copco starts financial aid scheme for COVID-19 deceased employees

admin- June 23, 2021

The scheme applies to all on-roll employees retrospectively from April 1, 2021. Along with other benefits, dependents will also get insurance benefits where the sum ... Read More

Tips to fix air compressor leaks to save energy

admin- May 1, 2021

Leaks in air compressors is costly and can lead to various other operating losses. Conrad Latham, GM (Compress Technique), Atlas Copco, offers tips to achieve ... Read More

Atlas Copco’s smart battery nutrunner range

admin- September 8, 2020

Delivering safer, faster, more cost-efficient and traceable high torque bolt tightening for critical applications in the energy sector are the key objectives of a new ... Read More

Atlas Copco completes new project in record time

admin- April 16, 2020

Atlas Copco, a leader in medical and?laboratory gas systems, completed the medical gas pipeline system project at Sassoon Hospital, Pune in a record time of ... Read More

Atlas Copco India appoints new Managing Director

admin- March 6, 2020

Atlas Copco India has appointed Frans Van Neikerk as the new Managing Director and Vice president India Holding, effective January 2020. Read More

Industry 4.0 is a key focus for Atlas Copco: Latham

admin- March 1, 2020

Atlas Copco’s Compressor Technique business area provides compressed air solutions; industrial compressors, gas and process compressors and expanders, air and gas treatment equipment and air ... Read More