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The Export Push

Roshna- April 25, 2023

The recently unveiled Foreign Trade Policy (FTP) 2023 aims to increase India’s exports to $ 2 trillion by 2030. So, will FTP and PM Mitra ... Read More

The industry is moving towards Touch Panel Controls with IIOT enabled functions

admin- February 27, 2023

Paramount Group is engaged in Textile Testing and Quality Control Instruments since 1964. Paramount sets complete quality control labs for garment exporters, buying houses, textile ... Read More

Why Quality Matters in Textiles

admin- February 23, 2023

Textile products can present hazards to consumers, including safety issues around flammability or through the use of hazardous chemicals. Hence, there has been an increase ... Read More

Indian textile engineering industry in expansion mode

admin- December 26, 2022

At ITME 2022, Rakesh Rao spoke to exhibitors, many of whom had launched new products at the trade fair, to know their expansion plans to ... Read More