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More than 40% of our products are exported

admin- April 1, 2019

Since 1956, Ideal has been engaged in manufacturing accessories for textile - spinning and weaving machines. The company has five manufacturing units located at Ahmedabad ... Read More

Exporters Spin to win!

admin- August 1, 2018

India?s textile machinery industry is no big achiever compared to its European counterparts. But in exports, it is slowly and steadily making an impressive impression ... Read More

“Our hi-tech yarn guides are preferred OEM choice”

admin- August 1, 2018

Having more than 60 years of experience in the textile industry, Ideal is working very closely with renowned OEMs and textile mill technicians in the ... Read More

Future of spinning, accessories promising

admin- April 1, 2015

A . T.E. Enterprises Private Ltd´s journey began in 1939. Currently the company operates in various domains including textile engineering, cooling solutions, wastewater solutions, energy ... Read More

A.T.E.-Dechang tie-up for high-value yarn

admin- September 1, 2014

Compact yarn is one of the growing high-value yarn segments that spinners are increasingly vying for, so as to succeed in a competitive yarn market. ... Read More