“Our hi-tech yarn guides are preferred OEM choice”

“Our hi-tech yarn guides are preferred OEM choice”

Having more than 60 years of experience in the textile industry, Ideal is working very closely with renowned OEMs and textile mill technicians in the field of spinning accessories.

Having more than 60 years of experience in the textile industry, Ideal is working very closely with renowned OEMs and textile mill technicians in the field of spinning accessories. Customer feedback and in-house R&D enable Ideal to develop and introduce new products suitable for the ever demanding scenario of higher and higher speeds. Its strong technical team and global agent network help Ideal to provide world-class products and services.

Laxmikant Rathi, President – Sales & Marketing, Ideal Sheet Metal Stampings & Pressings Pvt Ltd, speaks on the company’s export markets.

How has been your company doing in exports in the last few years? What are the strategies used to develop these markets?
We have been doing extremely well in the international market. Rather our percentage share in exports has gone up considerably during last couple of years.

We have a clear strategy for the international market:

  • Provide the world class product supported with world class services.
  • Product innovation – we have developed new products / raw material depending on the regional requirements. This helps us to have technological edge.
  • Focused countries- instead of supplying the goods everywhere, we are focused on certain countries.
  • Our representatives in respective countries knows the product and are highly motivated. The bonding and cohesive working adds to icing on the cake.

    Which are the countries to which you have been exporting your products? Which are the new countries you have recently made breakthrough?
    We have been exporting to Bangladesh, Indonesia, Vietnam and Thailand with a sizable market share. This year we have done lot of ground work in Uzbekistan, Europe and South American countries.

    What are the various products that are being exported? What is their special characteristics/USPs?
    All our products like spinning tubes, simplex bobbins, bobbin holders and yarn guides are being exported. Innovation in spinning tubes like our HCC has given us technological advantage. With HCC tubes, we could achieve substantial gain in ring and winding machine efficiency along with power saving. Our hi-tech yarn guides are preferred choices of some of the OEMs and customers; especially while spinning synthetic and compact yean. Special hardening process on stainless steel wire increases working life even at high speeds.

    Are there cheaper imports hurting sales in the domestic market? Substantiate with details. How are you meeting these challenges from competition?
    In an open economy, you can’t avoid it. Our focus remains on quality at a competitive prices. Since the raw material prices are not under our control, higher working efficiencies and control over operating expenses help is to be competitive.

    In textile machinery and accessories exports, what are India’s weaknesses and strengths? What is your recipe for the industry and the Government to promote textile machinery & accessories exports?
    Indian textile machinery and accessories are truly world class. Having sold capital goods in my previous assignment, I can say with confidence that India has unique advantage to offer techno-commercial products and solution. Since domestic spinning industry is most developed and matured industry, there is very high awareness of quality and reliability. Hence Indian accessories manufacturers are equipped to provide world class products across.

    Some suggestions:

  • Participation of industry association in international events with “Made in India” brand. The association should pull potential customers where we can showcase the strength. Most important is this “Made in India” brand should have certain benchmark / standards.
  • Encourage spending on research and development. Protecting intellectual properties in India is very difficult and hence industry do not wish to spend too much on development.
  • Like TUFS, incentive to the accessories manufacturers for capacity addition, automation and innovation.

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