LMW introduces Compact Ring Frame LRJ 90/SX

LMW introduces Compact Ring Frame LRJ 90/SX

Smartest ring frame for smart spinning.

LMW proudly introduces the Longest Smart Ring Frame LR 90 Series, the first of its kind to the market with a host of features that deliver superlative benefits to the end user. The machine comes in two variants, LR90 SX/SXL (without compact) and LRJ 90 SX/SXL (with inbuilt suction compact arrangement).

Ring Frame LRJ 90/SX

Increased productivity and quality

The Ring Frame LR 90 Series is the longest ring frame offering in the market with a maximum spindleage of up to 2400. With a higher spindle speed of up to 30,000 rpm (mechanical), the machine delivers higher productivity with consistent quality. The technological enhancements and the quality package ensure up to 30 per cent improvement in yarn imperfection and classimat H1 fault and reduction in EBH upto 2-3 per cent.

Power savings

The energy efficient, low decibel HLED spindles coupled with HK RYC consumes lower power and saves up to 8 per cent. The pneumafil suction and compact suction are so designed that the overall power savings including the spindles is up to 10 per cent.

Compact footprint

This Smart Ring frame is design with a gauge length of 65 mm and occupies lowest footprint and saves space of up to 8 per cent.


The state-of-the-art automation includes the Ring rail drive, New auto-doffer drive mechanisms and Suction unit with AWES.

Experience the smart solutions for spinning success.

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