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LMW’s state-of-the-art smart solutions for benchmark productivity and quality

admin- February 19, 2024

LMW has become the preferred partner for customers who are gearing up to meet the dynamic needs of the ever – evolving spinning industry. LMW ... Read More

LMW’nin üretkenlik ve kalite için son teknoloji ürünü akıllı çözümleri

admin- February 13, 2024

LMW, sürekli gelişen iplik endüstrisinin dinamik ihtiyaçlarını karşılamaya hazırlanan müşterilerin tercih ettiği ortak haline geldi. LMW, eğirme hattındaki bastan sona tüm makine çeşitleri için tasarım, ... Read More

LMW & Gimatex: Flourishing partnership for spinning success across applications

admin- December 22, 2023

LMW has recently completed the commissioning of a 30,000 spindles project at their Bela facility dedicated to processing cotton, viscose, and blends (P/C, P/V) applications. ... Read More

LMW and Reliance Spinning Mills Ltd., Nepal: The partnership continues

admin- October 25, 2023

Reliance Spinning Mills Ltd. expands spinning capacity with state-of-the-art LMW smart series preparatory machines for Airjet Spinning project. In the global economy, a well-developed ability ... Read More

LMW: The trendsetter in recycled fibre processing

admin- June 27, 2023

For years, spinners have relied on LMW machines to harness the advantages of spinning recycled fibres from various raw materials such as PET bottles and ... Read More

LMW’s innovations for achieving benchmarking levels of productivity and quality

admin- June 16, 2023

The company introduced Ring Frame LRJ 90/SX, Smart Card LC636 SX with CDS & Fix-Fi, and Ringframe Auto Piecing (RAP). LMW introduced its latest innovations ... Read More

LMW’s As Human auto piecing system for ring spinning machines

admin- June 13, 2023

The RAP unit receives signal from the YBS (Yarn breakage sensor) and travels directly to the respective spinning position and automatically mends the yarn. Ringframe ... Read More