Elevating spinning standards with LMW’s compact technology at Zara Yarntex

Elevating spinning standards with LMW’s compact technology at Zara Yarntex

In collaboration with LMW, Zara Yarntex, Vietnam initiated a transformative project in 2017. This venture saw the installation of 32,640 spindles, equipped to process cotton carded compact yarn ranging from counts 26s to 40s Ne, catering to both domestic and international markets with 19 tons production per day.

Zara Yarntex’s story in Vietnam epitomises a steadfast commitment to excellence, innovative thinking, and the expansion of a cherished family legacy. Founded in 2017 by Duy (Ryan), the company set out on a mission to redefine standards of quality in the textile sector, with LMW standing strong as its trusted ally.

Driven by a vision to expand the family business, which started as OE mills back in 2007, Duy Ryan, completed his education in the UK and returned to Vietnam with a mission. With a focus on quality and customer satisfaction, Zara Yarntex aimed to make its mark in the competitive textile market with LMW’s state-of-the-art textile spinning machinery. 

Choosing LMW machines for the spinning project has been one of our major successful milestones. There is no doubt that we will continue to use LMW machines for future projects. “-Duy Ryan, MD, Zara Yarntex.

Notably, based on the performance of Spinpact, LMW’s flagship compact system, Zara Yarntex went ahead with retrofitting their existing non compact machines with Spinpact.

The commissioning of the project marked a significant milestone for Zara Yarntex. The technical team lauded LMW’s machinery for its exceptional productivity and user-friendly interface.

Feedback from the team highlighted the seamless support and guidance provided by LMW engineers throughout the process. The partnership with LMW not only met but exceeded expectations, positioning Zara Yarntex as a leading provider of high-quality cotton-carded compact yarn in Vietnam.

The technology team at Zara Yarntex

“LMW machines are very user-friendly and competitively priced as compared to the same European machines that we have in OE mills.

LMW spinpact is state-of-the-art for carded cotton spinning, both for knitting and weaving applications. Power consumption per kg was reduced by 15-20%.   

Excellent after-sales service, LMW sales & engineers attend to any customer requirements instantly. They visit quarterly to check the mills’ working conditions. “ Zara Yarntex’s technology team”

With an emphasis on customer-centricity, LMW’s pre-sales and post-sales services stood out for their professionalism and dedication. The synergy between Zara Yarntex and LMW underscores a shared commitment to innovation and excellence.

As Zara Yarntex continues to flourish, the success of its collaboration with LMW serves as a testament to the power of strategic partnerships and technological advancements in driving sustainable growth. With a bright future ahead, Zara Yarntex remains steadfast in its commitment to delivering superior quality products and setting new benchmarks in the textile industry.

In retrospect, the decision to choose LMW as a partner in the spinning project emerges as a milestone of Zara Yarntex’s success story, laying the foundation for future endeavors. With unwavering determination and a spirit of innovation, Zara Yarntex paves the way for a future where excellence knows no bounds, powered by an enduring partnership with LMW.

LMW’s Sustainable Smart Solutions for Spinning Success (4S), supported by a culture of innovation, empowers mills with a technological and competitive advantage. This is achieved through mission-critical automation, real-time data, analytics from connected machines, compatibility with all applications, and reliable performance under diverse operating conditions.   

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