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Stäubli to present advanced machinery at ITMA Asia 2021

May 13, 2021
Stäubli to present advanced machinery at ITMA Asia 2021

Pfäffikon, Switzerland

Stäubli offers unique advantages because it has perfectly aligned yarns. It uses Active Wrap Control technology that comes with both single and multiple yarn types for sorting yarns. At ITMA Asia 2021, Shanghai, the visitors can experience that SAFIR S40 automatic drawing-in machine uses precise and ingenious technology due to which it can produce more first-quality output and supports on-time delivery. This SAFIR series of drawing-in systems allows the machines to prepare top-quality wraps.

Frame weaving: New Stäubli developments expand the range of solutions

Stäubli has the power to meet the ever evolving market demands and associated requirements of the customers with its high-tech machinery. The frame-weaving solutions by Stäubli can adapt to any kind of plain or patterned fabric requirement and any kind of weaving machine. It also offers high speed weaving capacity. The 1600/1700 series of cam motions and the S3000/S3200 series of electronic rotary dobbies by Stäubli are robust, extremely reliable, and have a very long service life.  Visitor to the Stäubli booth at ITMA can observe that these machines are built to the highest quality standards and form an ideal system in combination with maintenance-free Stäubli transmissions.

Jacquard weaving: Stäubli covers the spectrum

Stäubli offers a wide range of weaving solutions like large-format machines (up to 25,600 hooks) and name selvedge Jacquard machines. At the exhibition, LXM Jacquard machine will be presented. This machine is available in two formats (2,688 and 5,376 hooks) and hence, can perform operations at a higher speed. N4L name Jacquard machine will be displayed for the first time at ITMA, Asia. This machine stands for quality brand-name weaving. It ensures easy handling, high availability and minimal maintenance costs. This machine is also capable of meeting the growing needs of premium proprietary fabrics.

Carpet weaving: ALPHA 500 series of Schönherr carpet systems

ALPHA 500 carpet weaving system is here to provide flexibility to carpet weaving mills. It is capable to meet challenges that weavers face while making carpets like low pile, flat, cut pile, lightweight loops, or high density loops. It is competent enough to weave area rugs or wall-to-wall carpeting. Visitors to the Stäubli booth can observe that this system allows the machine to swiftly respond to the rapidly changing needs of the market and can also weave the highest-quality applications.

Sock knitting: D4S toe-closing device increases productivity

The biggest challenge faced by sock manufacturers is that they have to rapidly adjust to market demands and also meet strict deadlines. In sock knitting, toe-closing is a very critical step but is time consuming too. Visitors to the exhibition can see how efficiently D4S toe-closing device closes one sock when the machine is already knitting the next.

Stäubli machines have a long lifespan due to which they allow the companies to maintain genuine partnership for successful and sustainable business. These machines are designed after a lot of R&D so that they can offer decisive functional advantages and benefits to the customers.

Source: Stäubli Press Release

Image Source: Media Release for the textile press

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