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Chemical fibre spinneret components from TaiDing

Nov 02, 2020Sponsored
Chemical fibre spinneret components from TaiDing

TaiDing Precision Machinery is located in Taipei , Taiwan. The company was founded in 1975,and supplies the large-scale chemical fibre groups in Asia with the chemical fibre spinneret components and accessories for their spinning equipment, such as spinneret for conjugated fibre, profiled spinnerets and round hole spinnerets. The production line mainly includes: spinning component pack for processing of single-component, bi-component and other types of fibres; melt-spun and profiled spinnerets of full specifications and chemical fibre related accessories, PET packing belt, and production of all sorts of special polyester fibres, high-tensile industrial filament and industrial belts. TaiDing has two manufacturing plants in Taiwan and China. The company looks forward to a successful relationship with you in the future, and have full confidence that they will meet all your requirements.

Products of TaiDing:
Inspection system: This inspection system combines related technologies of optoelectronic, machinery, image processing, and automatic control. Auto-testing equipment of non touch pieces with fast and high precision. It detects obstruction of the spinneret with use of luminous flux principle and can enhance the detection efficiency and quality of chemical fiber groups. The detection time of <410mm spinneret is about 10 to 50 seconds per piece.

Spinning components: The company’s production capacity: 20,000 sets of various long-filament spinning components; 10,000 sets of various short-filament spinning components.

TaiDing has purchased machines from Japan, Switzerland, and Taiwan for ensuring the stability of the product specifications and quality.

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