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The textile industry’s growing need to move toward sustainability

admin- July 21, 2023

Sustainable fashion will likely gain more traction and enter the mainstream in the upcoming years, with more brands embracing sustainable practices and materials, informs Dr ... Read More

How to reduce invisible loss in spinning mills?

admin- February 15, 2023

By exercising control over the incidence of various process and product wastes and invisible loss, it should be possible for the mills to maximise yarn ... Read More

AC drives enhance yarn quality

admin- October 21, 2022

In this interview, Mandar Vaijanapurkar, Head - Sales & Service, Danfoss Drives, India Region, elaborates on the applications of AC drives in the textile industry ... Read More

Xiajin Taibai offers great performance with 100% cotton knitting yarn

admin- May 24, 2022

The R 37 produces 100% cotton knitting yarn with a yarn count of Ne 21 and a yarn delivery speed of 125 meters per minute. ... Read More

Swiss yarn manufacturers up their game for technical textiles

admin- April 12, 2022

Swiss Textile Machinery members drive filament yarn production for the expanding world of technical textiles High-performance yarns now offer almost unlimited possibilities for replacing traditional ... Read More

Surat firm makes eco-friendly fibre from pineapple leaves

Rakesh Rao- January 1, 2022

A private group from Surat, Meher International is using pineapple leaves to make fibre and the yarn can be derived after a long process. Director ... Read More

Karl Mayer launches innovative fabric

admin- September 20, 2021

Karl Mayer presented the new RASCHELTRONIC fabrics to the public for the first time at ITMA ASIA + CITME in June 2021. They attracted great ... Read More