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High-quality thread & yarn winding machines from Taining Machine

Nov 02, 2020Sponsored
High-quality thread & yarn winding machines from Taining Machine

Established in 1968, Taining Machine Ind. has been expanding its business operations around the world as a manufacturer of thread and yarn winding machines. The company has devoted ourselves to the research and development of various kinds of machinery to meet customers’ requirements.

The company’s complete product line includes fully automatic and semi-automatic winders for sewing threads, embroidery threads and filament yarn, with comprehensive facilities like thread tail tucking device, snapping device, metering pump lubrication system, computer meter counter, IoT data streaming system, product conveyor system, mechanical bobbin doffing system, automatic spool hopper and dispensing system, and other multiplex types of machinery, balling winder, card winder, under-spool winder, portable winder, carbon fibre winding machines, and latest launched yarn extruder, coating, haul-off and take up winders.

Product ID: TN-35AF- A, Y, spool type
Automatic sewing thread cross cone winder (5 spindles)

  • 10000 rpm, two-drive motors, servo control system
  • Mechanical bobbin doffing system
  • HMI central control or individual control panel
  • Dosing pump lube system

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