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Retail sales to fall in May due to Covid 2.0

Jun 17, 2021
Retail sales to fall in May due to Covid 2.0

New Delhi

Due to the lockdown in many states in the country, India’s retail business has dropped by 79% in May as compared to the same figure during the pre-pandemic times of 2019, says the Retailers’ Association of India (RAI).

As per the data, the categories like personal care and beauty wellness have been affected the most and have seen a drop of 87% followed by the footwear category that saw a drop of 86%. The clothing department witnessed a dip of 77% whereas restaurant service plunged by 70%. The purchase of sports, jewellery, and electronics dropped by 80%, 76%, and 71% respectively. Retail auto sales and grocery segment dipped by 55% and 34% each. 

According to the region-wise survey by RAI, sales in southern India were down 73% in May 2021, eastern by 75%, West and North by 83%. According to Kumar Rajagopalan, CEO, RAI, the retailers are expecting an improvement in June with the unlocking of states. He added that the retailers need support from the government to deal with the current situation.

Source – The Indian Express

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