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Picanol to organise open house in Korea

Nov 01, 2014
Picanol to organise open house in Korea

Picanol, technological market leader in both airjet and rapier weaving machines, organised an open house in Daegu (Korea) from 6-8 October 2014. This event, which is aimed at Korean weavers, will see Picanol demonstrating its latest rapier technology and offerings for technical textiles, with a specific focus on its OptiMax showpiece. The Open House will be organised at the new premises of Picanol customer Dong-A T.O.L. This manufacturer produces high-quality outerwear and furnishing fabrics. The open house ties in with Picanol celebrating more than 60 years in Korea.

Picanol will take this opportunity to demonstrate to Korean weavers the versatility and modularity of its OptiMax machines for the widest range of high-quality fabrics.

This covers everything from mainstream to niche applications. Picanol will be presenting two versions of its OptiMax rapier weaving machine with the OptiMax 540 cm being showcased for the first time in Korea. This rapier machine is equipped with positive guided grippers and will be weaving a mix of monofil, multifilament and PP-tape to demonstrate its extreme versatility in weft and speed capacity. The other machine-the OptiMax (190 cm)-comes equipped with negative free-flight grippers and the open house will see a shirting fabric woven. Picanol weaving machines are designed to ensure the lowest possible energy consumption, even when running at high speeds. The rapier machines on display are also a clear proof that with this technology, customers are ready to face the challenges of high-power prices in the Korean context.

Picanol weaving machines are a synthesis of technological know-how and experience that has been built up over nearly 80 years and has seen more than 300,000 machines produced. As of today, Picanol is proud to confirm that is has more than 1,30,000 weaving machines running in some 2,600 weaving mills worldwide. And to stay ahead in this highly competitive industry, Picanol has always been a leader in innovation. With R&D efforts aimed at creating the best solutions to its customersĀ“ weaving challenges, the company was the first to introduce many revolutionary concepts in the weaving industry and it currently holds more than 800 patents worldwide. Picanol will continue to expand its role as the technological market leader by increasing the product range of its weaving machines and offering applications for new market segments. The main challenge remains to strengthen the (weaving) performance, quality and cost competitiveness of its customers.

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