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Adidas kicks off new revolution in football boot

Jun 01, 2014
Adidas kicks off new revolution in football boot

Every footballer dreams of a boot that combines the comfort and responsiveness of playing barefoot with the protection of a traditional design. Adidas has launched their latest step towards that dream with the launch of the adidas Samba Primeknit. The limited edition boot is the first football boot to have an upper that is knitted from heel-to-toe, providing a bespoke second-skin fit that retains the strength of a conventional boot.

adidas Primeknits: The introduction of Primeknit marks the latest chapter in a rich history of revolutionary adidas football products and further cements Primeknit as one of the key technologies at the heart of adidas innovation.

New levels of flexibility and comfort are provided by the one-piece knitted upper of the boot and the yarns used to construct Primeknit provide stability and strength equal to conventional boots. Each yarn receives a high precision coating that guarantees water resistance even in the most challenging conditions.

adidas Luis Suarez: The advanced production techniques used to make Primeknit also allow for the one-layer upper to be constructed with zones catering to various performance needs, ensuring that the adidas Samba primeknit caters to all aspects of the game.

The designs one-piece upper is constructed without any wastage of material; making the Primeknit adidas most sustainable football boot and the start of a brand new revolution in adidas football footwear.

Markus Baumann, Senior VP for Global Football at adidas commented on the launch of the new adidas Samba Primeknit, "Every adidas product is developed with the player in mind and in particular, the needs of the player. By producing the worlds first knitted football boot we have provided a brand new solution to the search for higher levels of comfort and flexibility."

"Primeknit is a further demonstration of our commitment to driving relentless innovation in football and is designed to allow for a bespoke fit for each player, making performance more intuitive and responsive than ever before. Primeknit is a technology that is right at the heart of adidas innovation and were excited about introducing this development into football."