We have M & S and NABL accredited laboratory

We have M & S and NABL accredited laboratory

Sarex Chemicals is a leading Textile Chemicals Manufacturing Company for more than 60 years. Sarex exports its products to continents like North America, South America, Europe, Asia, and Africa. Due to the fact that Sarex is India’s largest exporter of Textile Chemicals, the Government has recognised it with a Two Star Export House status. Dr Naresh Saraf, Executive Director, Sarex Chemicals,

With the rising demand for technical textiles, how is Sarex positioning itself as a key player in supporting the growth of this dynamic market?
Sarex is positioning itself as a company which provides technical and sustainable solutions and not only products. We have heavily capitalised in scaling up our production facilities and R & D capabilities to meet the growing requirement of the customers. We are preparing ourselves ahead of time by working on bio based substitutes wherever possible. We are also striving hard to offer concentrated products to our customers to save the transportation cost.

Technical textiles have been gaining traction in various industries. Could you highlight some of Sarex’s innovative solutions that cater to the specific needs of these industries?
We offer complete range of processing chemicals and auxiliaries from pre-treatment to finishing for all types of textile substrates-From the gamut of products we offer, some of them are; Appolo Series which are Triazine based UV absorbers for automotive fabrics and outdoor fabrics. They will help in increasing the life of the fabric and also reduce the fading and thus increase the serviceability of the product.
Careguard Series which are C6 based fluorocarbon, which are used as protective finish for fabrics which are used in Protective textiles, Medical textiles, Home textiles etc. against various liquid spills and thus increase the serviceability of the fabrics.
Ecoguard Series are Fluorine free Water repellents which provide protection against water based stains and thus protects the fabric from getting stained thus and reduces the wear tear of the fabrics and increase the life of the textile material.
Flamguard series protects the fabrics from catching fire and thus have great application in clothtech, hometech, protech, mobiltech etc. thus providing vital protection to the end user from causing any sever injuries.
Saraguard Series protects the fabrics from getting attacked from microbial attack and avoids foul smell and imparts odour control finish, thus making the user feel fresh for a longer time and avoids spreading of bacteria’s.

What sets Sarex Chemicals apart from its competitors in terms of its unique selling proposition (USP)?
Sarex offers tailor made solutions, provides quick services and timely delivery of the products to our customer. We have a very strong R & D and Quality Control department which maintain strict quality of the raw materials and finished products. We have a marketing team all over India which offers hand holding support for trials and establishing new processes at the customer end. Above all we have a M & S and NABL accredited laboratory which consists of all the latest machineries which help us to study our products on customers fabric and offer them, samples of the fabric so that they can approve it before bulk trials as this will help us in achieving the customer requirement in shortest time rather than doing multiple bulk trials and wasting their resources.
Could you share some of your recent innovations that have had a significant impact on enhancing the performance and functionality of technical textiles?
We have developed Fluorine free water & stain repellent, Ecoguard-NEW, which gives excellent results on all substrates and are durable to multiple home launderings. As you are aware that C6 based Fluorocarbons are in process of being phased out, this innovation will be helpful to the mills and brands to achieve there requirement of repellency on most of the technical textile fabrics.
We have also developed a cost effective durable flame retardant, Saraflam-DUR for 100 per cent Cotton fabric which is durable to 50 washes and this is great development as most of the fabrics today will and have to be treated with FR to protect the wearer and the home furnishings articles.
Sustainability is a growing concern in the textile industry. How does Sarex Chemicals align its innovations with eco-friendly practices to meet the increasing demand for sustainable technical textiles?
As mentioned above we are developing a range of sustainable and bio based products from natural sources like palm oil, sunflower etc. We are also manufacturing silicone based products from recycling the silicone waste.
Please inform the performance of Sarex in the calendar year 2022?
Our company has been doing pretty well and is growing at a solid pace, we have been in this industry from last 70 years and are one of the largest Indian textile chemical manufacturing company. We have a good experience in handling various chemistries and facilities to carry our various polymerisation reaction. We have expanded our manufacturing facility in the last fiscal year which will help us in increasing our production by multifold. We are also constantly participating in various exhibitions to meet the customers and understand there requirement and also learn about what is new in the market.

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