Trident Group: Pioneers in home textiles market

Trident Group: Pioneers in home textiles market

The group has catapulted to become the largest manufacturer of terry towels and one of the largest integrated home textile manufacturers in the world; a feat nonpareil.
The group began with a solitary unit making high-quality yarn. However, in due course, the group catapulted to become the largest manufacturer of terry towels and one of the largest integrated home textile manufacturers in the world; a feat nonpareil.

Success breeds success
In 2013, Trident started another journey from Budhni in Madhya Pradesh, the heart of India. Spread over an area of 800+ acres, the Trident Budhni plant is a convergence of modern machinery, best-in-class processes and the passion for excellence. The plant houses its home textile businesses that are vertically integrated — from cotton to yarn, and yarn to towel and sheeting. Stationed at its Budhni facility is also the world’s largest terry towel factory; spread across an area of 1 kilometre.

Responsible, in every way
The Trident Group today, is a USD 3 billion plus global conglomerate with a formidable presence in home textiles, paper and stationery and chemicals. Behind these accomplishments lie innumerable stories of its people, who have made it a force to reckon with. The company, which supports over 25,000 families, has not only provided growth heavy employment but has also nourished each of them with their impeccable, deeply rooted culture. This was validated in 2020, when they won the coveted award for Dream Employer of the Year.
Trident has charted out a robust growth map with its philosophy of ‘responsible manufacturing.’ The processes, technology and infrastructure are designed to play a vital role in ensuring sustainable growth. For example, paper that reduces carbon emissions, textiles made from recycled materials, minimal water and chemicals usage in the manufacturing processes.

Cutting-edge technology
With consistent investment in technology, constant research and an innovative approach, Trident has
acquired wide and varied global scale capabilities in its manufacturing processes.
A wide array of fibers, yarns, paper, stationery and now detergent- their range keeps expanding to meet the unique needs of their customers.

Trident’s state-of-the-art production facilities
include Spinning, Wide-width Airjet & Jacquard weaving, Soft Flow Dyeing and fully automated Cutting and
Sewing. Their manufacturing units are equipped with cutting-edge machinery.
Their focus is on continuous innovation, be it production infrastructure, fiber use, yarn production or processing. They are committed to achieve zero breakdowns, zero accidents and zero defects by eliminating all types of losses through TPM culture, with enhanced people skill and morale, asset life, productivity, customer satisfaction and market capitalization in a clean and green environment.

A global favourite
Internationally, Trident has been a reliable partner to some of the most prominent global retailers and fashion houses across the USA, the UK, Italy, France, Japan, Australia and other parts of the world, with patrons like JCPenney, Ralph Lauren, Walmart, Target, Calvin Klein, IKEA and Macy’s. It also has a technology partnership with the likes of Karl Mayer, Toyota, Metso, Savio, Picanol and Allimand.
A journey that began from Punjab in the nineties has now reached every corner of the globe. And even as the world grapples with the cruel economic challenges caused by the pandemic, Trident is on a course to conquer the final frontiers and go beyond following its philosophy of being different.

Bringing world class home fashion to India
Endeavoring to make luxury a part of every household, every year, every day, and every moment, Trident is on a mission of becoming a complete home décor solutions provider.
They are envisaging new commerce merchant partnerships across businesses and geographies while also looking at expanding their own home textile brands’ portfolio to strengthen their presence across the world.
Diversifying into bathrobes, rugs, comforters, pillows, all new collections of bed and bath linens, and more – they are all geared up to deliver world class home fashion to every nook and cranny of India.
Trident’s ongoing expansion activities in Punjab and Madhya Pradesh are in full swing.

Recent milestones
Some of the company’s recent milestones are as follows:
Biggest product portfolio expansion: Despite the global economic challenges making headlines in 2021, breakthrough diversification across all product categories helped Trident glimpse a future brimming with possibilities. Neem-enriched Tri-Safe washing powder, India’s first antibacterial My Choice notebook, fashionable Classic rugs, a magnificent bed collection- Beautiful Beginnings- this is a new era for Trident.
Heralding the digital era: Moving rapidly towards digitalisation in the new normal, Trident knocked the doors of their PAN India consumer base with the launch of an exclusive D2C e-commerce website. They also revamped their corporate website, making it future-ready with a new interactive interface and some amazing features.
Expanding retail footprint with 17 new exclusive showrooms: The spirit of Trident is invincible when it comes to advocating ‘Vocal for Local’ and in order to intensify this spirit, they inaugurated 17 new exclusive showrooms in 2021. The tally of Trident’s exclusive showrooms across India has now increased to 22.
Exclusive licensing agreement with Kathy Ireland Worldwide Inc: Going big globally, Trident strengthened their brand portfolio by partnering with California based Kathy Ireland Worldwide Inc. The association encompasses bath, kitchen and beach towels and will be available in the India, USA, Canada, EU and UK.
Introducing The Fabric of Life: Making a significant transition from B2B to B2C, Trident revamped Trident Yarns as ‘जीवन का ताना बाना’ – The Fabric of Life. Delite, Marvella, Premia, Epitome, Endure- they are now endeavouring to take their offerings to every nook and cranny of the world.
Commissioning a 7.6 MW Solar power plant: Taking another step towards mindful manufacturing, Trident commissioned a solar power plant of 7.6 MW at their Budhni factory.
Climbing the ladder of success with over 450% rise in share prices: Building an empire for tomorrow by capturing market capital worth over Rs 20,000 crores. Strongly committed towards achieving their 25-25-25 mission, the stocks of the company have rallied over 450% in the year 2021.

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