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Dr Talukdar & Dr A Guha pen book on weaving calculation

Sep 01, 2019
Dr Talukdar & Dr A Guha pen book on weaving calculation

Dr M K Talukdar, retired Professor and Head of Textile Department, VJTI, and Dr Anirban Guha, a faculty of Mechanical Engineering, IIT Bombay, have penned a book on weaving calculation, costing, projects. The book covers topics related to yarn, doubling and twisting, winding, warping, sizing, entering and knotting, weaving mill planning, structural mechanics of woven fabrics, product development, utilities, import and export, costing, financial cost and management accountancy, capital budgeting, weaving projects: rapier weaving, and weaving projects: airjet weaving.

In this rapidly changing world, maintaining a competitive edge requires continuous evolution. In the world of weaving, this means applying the latest technology and management practices. However, the decision on which technology is to adopt or which management practice to promote is often a matter of arbitrary choice. This is because an objective evaluation of the merits and demerits of different technologies and pros and cons of different management practices is often not done. There are two reasons for this lack of objective evaluation. Often the tool for such an objective evaluation is not widely known. But, often, the person in charge of such a decision-making process, finds that he is not able to recall the correct resource to call upon to complete an objective evaluation. This drawback remains even in the age of internet and widespread dissemination of knowledge because niche areas of technology require specialized knowledge which is available to only a few people around the world and critical portions of the process of objective evaluation of technology and business practices are not available in the internet in an easily searchable form.

“It is to address this lacuna that we have come up with a comprehensive collection of evaluation methods related to all aspects of weaving - raw material, technology, machinery, cost accountancy and other business practices. The different chapters of this book take up one topic at a time, give a very brief introduction and then familiarizes the reader with the different terms which are commonly used for objective evaluation of that process. It then explains the general procedure for evaluation of different aspects of that process - starting with the simple ones and gradually moving on to more complex topics. Based on our belief that such procedures are best understood with the help of examples, we have included many examples in every chapter. We believe that the set of examples included in this book are comprehensive enough to cover every important facet of weaving. We believe that both a technologist as well as a manager would find this set of examples invaluable for both recapitulating as well as becoming aware of objective evaluation procedures relevant to his field. An experienced teacher would be able to differentiate chapters suitable for different categories of students - diploma, degree and post graduate,” said Dr Talukdar.

It is an Encyclopeadic work by experts of the subject, which is useful for students, practising technocrats, management and cost accountants, and for those who want to enter the industry and earn profit out of it. The book is available for Rs 1,500, excluding postage and forwarding charges of Rs 200 with Shree Samarth Krupa.