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"Our e-jacquards give 200 times more productivity"

Jan 01, 2018
"Our e-jacquards give 200 times more productivity"

Since 2006, SRE Corporation of Coimbatore has been selling quality textile machinery and air coolers for the textile industry. Now, the company has steadily attained a top reputation in the market for manufacturing, supplying, retailing and trading a superior range of air coolers. Its range of products includes commercial air coolers, ventilator coolers and jacquard machines, among many others.

SRE Corporation’s Founder NS Rajan leads the company with a highly skilled team. He developed the product ranges to many industrial categories, adhering to industry guidelines. He ensures easy work process and segregates workforce into several divisions: manufacturing, quality testing, sales and marketing, R&D and warehousing.

In an interaction with the ITJ team members – Karthik M and Sripathy B – NS Rajan says, “The company’s products are renowned for their low-energy consumption, durability, hassle-free functionality and sturdy nature. Customisation of our products provides more satisfaction to our customers depending on the needs. As renowned traders, SRE sells the range of air coolers under the names – Suzler and Rapier.”

NS Rajan explains the benefits of using the humidification requirement for the textile industry. He says that each factory requires air cooling products for reducing the heating ambiance for the machine to function properly. He differentiates the coolers with his competitors and proudly gives some of its USPs. He adds, “Factories need to install air coolers to cover the workfloor area. Other air coolers cover the entire area, even the space where cooling is not actually required. But SRE air coolers offer separate humidity control unit wherein the customers can switch off the controller at any specific area when it is not required. Our product has great power consumption feature to cut down on cost.”

He further said, “Comparatively with the older version process, SRE products give 15 per cent lesser power consumption. In terms of service maintenance, SRE offers easy service options in which either customer themselves can rectify the issue or company provides user-friendly customer support.”

Taking about electronic jacquard machines, NS Rajan says, “India’s textile loom hubs should work on to upgrade their powerloom sectors with electronic jacquards. Powerloom with up to 300 RPM can be upgraded to electronic jacquard. The analysis reported that the installation of electronic jacquard increases the productivity 200 times when compared with the older version. The design concept is very simple and can be reused even after many years. The designing timeline with the older version takes around 5 to 6 days, but in electronic jacquard, the process takes only one day and hence the productivity is more. Initially, the investment in electronic jacquard is comparatively high with powerloom machine whereas other parameters like maintenance, design complication, productivity time loss are very much low with this technology upgradation.”

On ESSR Electronic Jacquard, a subsidiary of SRE Corporation, he says that ESSR is a pioneer in manufacturing electronic jacquards. He adds, “The ESSR product has good rigidness unlike the casted machines, and the quality is very high as per the industrial standards.”

More interestingly, ESSR manufactures both the electronic and mechanical parts in India within their premise. Since 2014, the company has been concentrating on providing training to all the customers, explaining the subsidy offers and many more. With successful initial sales in Tamil Nadu, now the company has spread its wings in various States like Karnataka, Surat, West Bengal, and also export markets like Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.