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Compact spinning technology: A new twist to naturally coloured cotton

admin- March 22, 2024

Textile industries are compelled to revisit historical and ecological natural fibres, informs Dr S Venkatakrishnan and K M Saravana Murali. The urgency of sustainability has ... Read More

LMW and Jat Techno Spintex Mills: Smart automation solutions to spin success

admin- November 24, 2023

The new machinery performance is highly satisfactory and the quality of the yarn delivered is well accepted by the downstream process and is appreciated by ... Read More

Uster: Joining forces for ring spinning optimisation

admin- June 6, 2023

Uster Technologies partners up with Pinter Group for preventive quality control Uster is known for its powerful solutions based on combined data. Further customer value ... Read More

ORBIT ring-traveler system: The reference to spin faster and better

admin- November 23, 2022

Recent tests conducted at spinning mills across the world confirm that even at higher speeds, the ORBIT shows better results in yarn quality than traditional ... Read More

Know the key process variables in vortex spinning

admin- October 20, 2022

The yarn structure and the quality of the yarns produced from vortex spinning has more relationship with process variables during the yarn manufacture, explains Dr G ... Read More

Effect of apron surface modification in ring spinning

admin- September 28, 2022

D Jayaraman and S Balamurugan presents the use of surface modified aprons and their effect on yarn quality in the ring frame. 1.0 Introduction In ... Read More

Unlocking the potential of man-made fibres with ring spinning

admin- December 1, 2021

Fibre consumption is on the rise, and man-made fibres (MMF) play an important role in this. Blends containing various fibre materials are particularly popular and ... Read More