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Reliance partners Vardhman for R|Elan fabric

admin- September 28, 2018

R|Elan technologies are outcome of RIL’s extensive research and development efforts and its vast expertise in fibres manufacturing. Read More

RIL, Arvind partner to manufacture R|Elan

admin- September 1, 2018

Reliance Industries Ltd (RIL) has forged a partnership with Ahmedabad-based Arvind Ltd to manufacture co-branded R|Elan high performance fabrics. Read More

RIL, Arvind partner to manufacture R|Elan

admin- September 1, 2018

As part of this partnership, Arvind will provide a high standard quality fabric and RIL will ensure timely delivery of R|Elan high-quality performance technologies to ... Read More

RIL, JM Financial bid jointly to buy Alok

admin- April 18, 2018

Reliance Industries Ltd (RIL) said that it has bid jointly with JM Financial Asset Reconstruction Company to acquire the -ridden textile manufacturer Alok Industries. In ... Read More

GHCL launches Rekoop CertainT verified bedding products

admin- March 27, 2018

GHCL Limited, with a market cap of Rs.3000 crores is a well - diversified group with foot prints in Chemicals, Textiles and Consumer Products segment. Read More

Flame-retardant Recron® FS launched

admin- December 15, 2017

Textiles are used to make homes, offices, and entertainment, commercial and health establishments both appealing and comfortable. Things like seat covers, carpets and curtains are ... Read More

Reliance enters co-branded apparel business with R|Elan

admin- December 1, 2017

The R|Elan fabrics, a portfolio of speciality fabrics created by Reliance Industries, score over regular fabrics in a number of different ways, such as enhanced ... Read More