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Basant Fibertek doubles capacity

admin- November 15, 2021

The company is a market leader in pins and pinned rollers and lags for fiber preparation in textile spinning and recycling Read More

5 ways spinning mills can survive depressed market conditions

admin- October 1, 2019

Every mill should analyse how many clients it has lost in the recent past due to quality or other complaints, and inability to meet their ... Read More

Building a vibrant innovation ecosystem

admin- March 1, 2019

The Indian textile industry contributed 14 per cent of industrial production and 13 per cent of exports in 2017, says Kishore Khaitan. Read More

Open-end spinbox components from Basant

admin- April 1, 2018

Open-end spinbox components from Basant The open end opening rollers and clothing rings are manufactured at a new and highly automated state-of-the-art plant, the first ... Read More

Open-end spinbox components from Basant Wire

admin- March 7, 2018

Basant Wire, a manufacturer and technology solution provider as well as exporter of high precision pins, needles and pinned products for applications in textiles and ... Read More

Great Expectations

admin- December 1, 2016

The 10th edition of India-ITME is opening on a note of high expectations! The Indian Government´s recent Rs.6,000-cr package & amended TUFS have rekindled exhibitor ... Read More

Prospects, challenges and remedies of TEI industry

admin- December 1, 2016

The Indian Textile Engineering Industry (TEI) is more than 100 years old with an illustrious history of achievements, including manufacture of advanced spinning machinery, power ... Read More