Jogson develops Multi Pot Dyeing Machine to standardise recipes of dyeing

admin- June 23, 2023

This machine avoids trial and error methods, hence saves time and resources utilised. Each pot can range from 20 grams to 30 kg per batch ... Read More

Jogindra Industries to add up more textile processing machines in the coming year

admin- May 19, 2023

Jogindra Industries is a renowned expert in the design and manufacturing of cutting-edge machinery specifically designed for the dyeing and processing of yarn. Harmeet Singh, ... Read More

Jogindra Industries’ offers Dyeing Machine for higher productivity

admin- April 24, 2023

The Horizontal Tubular Dyeing Machine is offered with capacities From 20 kg up to 720 kg per batch. Jogindra Industries is offering a HTHP Horizontal ... Read More

Indian textile engineering industry in expansion mode

admin- December 26, 2022

At ITME 2022, Rakesh Rao spoke to exhibitors, many of whom had launched new products at the trade fair, to know their expansion plans to ... Read More

Jogindra Industries: A pioneer in yarn dyeing & processing

admin- March 15, 2021

Long way back, in 1985, JOGSON moved its hands to touch the soul of threads around them. From then, there is no looking back. In ... Read More

Embracing natural dyes

admin- December 1, 2020

Natural dyes are not a simple solution to the water pollution crisis but they do represent an important step. Read More

Our products are cost-effective & reliable

admin- October 1, 2020

Harmeet Singh, Sales & Marketing Director, Jogindra Industries, speaks on the vast product basket of the company and its USPs. Read More