Stäubli to present the latest in Jacquard technology at India ITME 2022

Stäubli to present the latest in Jacquard technology at India ITME 2022

Stäubli Jacquard machines have become a central element in mills that demand high productivity and top quality because they deliver a broad range of decisive benefits.

India ITME is the most important market event for technology providers serving the Indian textile manufacturing industry. The trade fair will be held for the eleventh time from 8 – 13 December 2022. India is a global leader in textile manufacturing and home to a wide spectrum of players covering the entire textile processing chain. India ITME 2022 gives the Indian players an opportunity to come together, discover the latest solutions for processing textiles, and meet with their suppliers. Stäubli will be there at Booth C1/ H15, presenting its latest high-end technologies, machinery, and solutions that provide weaving mills with impressive benefits, including energy-efficient solutions and new advancements in Jacquard weaving.

Stäubli is a leading supplier of Jacquard technology around the world. Indian mills rely on Stäubli solutions for weaving all sorts of Jacquard fabrics, from home textiles to technical fabrics, narrow to large-format applications, and apparel fabrics, particularly for saris. In fact, it’s difficult to imagine a Jacquard weaving mill without a solution by Stäubli. Stäubli Jacquard machines have become a central element in mills that demand high productivity and top quality because they deliver a broad range of decisive benefits: top energy efficiency,the highest production speeds, minimum vibration thanks to optimally balanced kinematics, the TC8 controller, NOEMIelectronics architecture for unmatched reliability in data transmission,and the recently launchedMX PRO modulesthat provide energy savings and reliable hook selection for all kinds of woven fabrics. Visitors to the Stäubli booth are welcome to discover the latest in Jacquard technology and learn all about solutions that will take them a step further towards sustainable production.

High-speed frame-weaving solutions with low-maintenance transmissions

S3260 electronic rotary dobby.

As the link between the shed formation solution and the weaving machine, the transmission is a vital linkin anyframe-weaving installation. Transmissionsmust reliably handle a great many loads and forces. Committed to continuous improvement, Stäubli has further developed its range of transmissions, now offering the e32/33 for low-mounted dobbies & cam motions and the de82/83 for top-mounted dobbies. With sealed and patterned bearings, these new transmissions require hardly any maintenance. They enhance the performance of the overall installation, be itweaving machines operating with dobbies like the S3000 / S3200 electronic rotary dobby seriesor with cam motions like the S1792. Visitors to the Stäubli booth willlearn aboutthe latest frame-weaving solutions and get a very good idea of the operational performanceand running speeds.

Stäubli warp-tying solutions for any kind of yarn, from silk to cotton, wool and PPtape

TIEPROwarp tying machine

Warp tying is acrucial process in most weaving mills. Stäubli is presenting its TOPMATIC warp-tying machine for very fine yarns and its latest warp-tying solution, the TIEPRO tying machine featuring a completely new yarn separation principle with cones. Introduced in 2019, the TIEPRO has already convinced numerouswarp tying specialists with its ease in use and the fact that it requires neitheroilbath, nor spare needles which results in continuous availability in the mill.It offers easy start-upby automated docking to the warp and processing of the warp to be knotted. The screen guides the operator, so new staff can easily learn how to run the machine. A standalone advantage of the TIEPRO tying machine is the exclusive auto-reverse function: If a doubleend is detected, the machine automatically reverses and redoes that yarn separation step. This process takes place instantaneously and before the yarn is cut – a unique outstanding feature that supportsquality fabric weaving.

About the Stäubli Group

Stäubli is a global mechatronics solutions provider with four divisions: Electrical Connectors, Fluid Connectors, Robotics, and Textile. We are an international group based in Switzerland, with a presence in 29 countries. Our global workforce of more than 5,700 shares a commitment to partnering with customers in nearly every industry to provide comprehensive solutions with long-term support.

Stäubli Textile has been developing and producing high-quality systems for the weaving industry for over a century. The company holds a strong market position in textile machinery, a position earned through the continual pursuit of customer satisfaction.Forward-thinking and in constantquest of the next great innovation, Stäubli Textile helps weaving mills to work more productively, efficiently, and sustainably. Learn more about Stäubli technology at ITME India or at SITEX 2023 in Surat in January.

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