Stakall’s long lasting storage solutions

Stakall’s long lasting storage solutions

Located in Vasai, near Mumbai, Stakall is a designer and manufacturer of storage solutions that answers its client’s need.


Located in Vasai, near Mumbai, Stakall is a designer and manufacturer of storage solutions that answers its client’s need. Having been in business for over two decades, the company delivers superior returns to its clients through its cost effective, field tested and long-lasting solutions.

The company’s mission is to offer customised and or standard solutions, that will boost the profitability of our clients.

Why us?

From standard products to customised solutions, Stakall designs, manufactures and supplies a wide range of storage products.

  • The company provide solutions,
  • designing is done in-house.
  • Transparent pricing.
  • Always there to serve you well after the guarantee period is over.
  • More sense of responsibility- delivering value to clients. We strive to deliver on time.

How Stakall does it?

  • Designing: In-house using licensed CADCAM software.
  • Prototyping: Hand crafted by a team of experienced people or by tooling.
  • Production: Carried out using fixtures which are made post prototyping.
  • Welding: Use of only MAG technology, which gives superior spatter/flux free welding
  • Finish: Powder coated or Painted. Pre-treatment by seven tank process/shot blasting/chemical.

Why steel?

Stakall has engineered storage solutions fabricated from steel that have been revolutionising material handling industry. Steel offers great strength and flexibility at an optimum cost. Products are manufactured using a combination of high strength corrugated sheets, formed from CRCA/HR sheets and different types of rolled/formed section as seemed suitable by design to have a optimise product.

Product features include:

  • Multi-use: from transportation, storage to automated warehousing and distribution centre applications
  • Rackable
  • Light weight and maintenance free
  • Helps in keeping the work place clean and neat
  • Easily recyclable. Helps in conserving nature
  • Offers salvage value if at all needs to be disposed
  • Works well with all types of MHE, ASRS and conveyor systems
  • Safety comes first, non-flammable hence low insurance premiums
  • No nail heads or broken deck boards to damage your valuable products

Automation of welding process – with use of robot for welding to achieve consistent quality and higher productivity.