Smart spinning with TeraSpin

Smart spinning with TeraSpin

Spinning the best possible yarn, with minimum irregularities, is what every spinning mill aims for.

Spinning the best possible yarn, with minimum irregularities, is what every spinning mill aims for.

Roving frames and ring spinning machines are the final stages of the staple fibre spinning process and the quality of components that are directly in contact with the fibre are critical to yarn quality. TeraSpin specialises in these precision components that are vital to spinning good yarn.

TeraSpin, a business unit of A.T.E. Enterprises Private Limited, was formed with A.T.E.’s takeover of the textile machinery components business of SKF India Limited in the beginning of 2012. TeraSpin products are thus built on the strong foundation of SKF knowledge and expertise. With in-house R&D, many of these products have been further improved upon, thereby enhancing high performance and durability.

Manufacturing thousands of components batch after batch, with exactly the same specification is a challenging task. At TeraSpin, all products are manufactured as close as possible to their nominal specification. The benefit to end users is that yarns produced with TeraSpin components have noticeably fewer imperfections.

At ITMA 2015, TeraSpin displayed spindles, spindle inserts, weighting arms, top rollers and cradles for ring frames and roving frames. The new developments shown were:

Smart cradle for ring frame: A genuine technological innovation in ring spinning, the Smart cradle OH S 168 has been found to be very effective in producing yarn with improved quality. Mills have adopted this cradle in India and abroad.

Smart cradle for roving frames: After the success of the smart cradle in short staple yarn spinning, TeraSpin has developed a smart cradle for the PK 1500 and PK P 2000 series of drafting systems for roving frames on the same working principle. The smart cradle combines the well proven advantages of constant nip distance with spring loaded compensation for any variation in apron elasticity or length. Producing a roving with reduced irregularity with the Smart cradle will automatically bring down the yarn irregularities in ring spinning.

Smart weighting arm for roving frames: The PK P 2000 series of weighting arms are equipped with better top roller load indicators and Smart cradles for better roving quality. The PK P 2000 series top arm body is given a more durable, anti-corrosive Nickel Chrome surface plating, and comes with an ergonomically designed attractive red lifting knob.

Smart yarn catcher: With most ring frames being equipped with auto-doffers, the need for a good yarn catcher with minimal underwinding yarn has been felt. To address this need, TeraSpin has designed the Smart yarn catcher and field trials show not only reduced underwinding length but also, almost no residual yarn in the yarn catcher.

These products are available for OEMs as well as for use by spinning mills for replacement of components on existing machines. TeraSpin’s network covers all major textile and machinery producing countries like China, Germany, India, Indonesia, Japan, Spain, Turkey, and Vietnam. TeraSpin also provides customised upgrade kits for roving frames and ring spinning machines.

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