Shri Anant Syntex is using good quality fuel to reduce our carbon footprint

Shri Anant Syntex is using good quality fuel to reduce our carbon footprint

Shri Anant Syntex (Anant), is founded in the year 1993 by the late Ram Rai Soni Ji. Anant is a leading, environmentally conscious, and advanced technology processing house in Bhilwara Rajasthan (India). The company is processing 6.2 million metres of fabric per month. Anant has  multipurpose textile machinery setup in its plant. The company will be capable of fibre dyed / polyester fabric/cotton fabric dyeing and finishing.   In this interview, Anil Soni, Managing Director, Shri Anant Syntex, highlights the company’s growth plans and how is the market at present.

How is the market at present? What are the key hurdles in the growth of the Indian textile industry?

Nowadays, the market in terms of textiles is very good and growing in India. Bhilwara is the hub of cotton and polyester and its blended fabrics.

Sustainability is gaining traction in the textile industry. How is your company making its transition on the Green path?

We maintain ZLD in the wastewater effluent and reuse it also. We are using very good quality fuel to reduce our carbon footprint. We do plantations in our factory premises and others areas. We are using the latest technologies to reduce utility consumption.

Like in past we were using conventional jiggers for the bleaching of fabric, which consume lot of water and steam. This forced us to go for continuous bleaching range. Not on bleaching, we also invested in continuous dyeing machines. We consider this our responsibility towards Mother Nature, as apart from better results of fabric we can reduce carbon footprint.

 What are the reasons for opting for Kusters Calico Machinery?

Kusters Calico is the leading textile machinery-manufacturing group in the world.

As we were investing first time in continuous lines, Kusters Calico had explained us the technology and given very detailed comparison and benefits of their products. We also went through various installations of Kusters Calico before taking decision, and we were very happy to know that all their customers are very satisfied with the product performance.

Our decision for opting for Kusters Calico’s Bleaching machine is due to unique and efficient technologies like with Swimming rollers, High efficiency washers “Super flush”, contiDos and roller bed steamer.

What was the advantage of being associated with Kusters Calico Machinery? How has it benefited your company?

We are very much satisfied with productivity of the machine and quality, I can say that we are obtaining better results from machine than data committed by Kusters Calico. Apart from quality of the fabric, we are much satisfied with sturdiness of the machine and less maintenance costs.

These days due to stringent norms of fabric results, it is very important to invest in new technologies. Four technologies, which I considered as game changer for us;

  • High squeezers with swimming roller: For lesser residual moisture before chemical application. “Photo of s roller”
  • High efficiency washers “Super Flush”: For crease and distortion less fabric with lower liquor ratio and additional circulation pumps to generate turbulence of liquor to increase washing of fabric. “Photo of Super flush”
  • ContDos: Close loop dosing for repeatability and consistency of whiteness for bleach fabric. “Photo of contidos”
  • Steamer: Horizontal tight strand and reversible drum for better fabric transport and cloud control principle on top of the steamer to reduce steam consumption and to ensure quality of the steam inside steamer. “Photo of steamer”

What are your growth plans for the company?

We are planning to increase our production with help continuous processes and increasing production capacity by 25 per cent.

We are also investing in automation and considering equipping all our machines with concept of Automation 4.0. As well as we are going to invest in ECR (Energy Consumption Reports) for our processing unit.

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