S.T. Cottex Exports and LMW -A successful partnership over two decades

S.T. Cottex Exports and LMW -A successful partnership over two decades

S.T. Cottex Exports, one of the leading textile manufacturers in India with over 20 years of experience in producing spun yarn is located at Ludhiana, India. The organisation was established in the year 2000 with an installed capacity of 24,000 spindles by Prem Gupta, Chairman & Managing Director. Under the guidance of current Managing Directors Aman Gupta and Amit Gupta, the company has grown into a successful spinning fort with vertically integrated spinning and Knitting operations.

The total installed capacity as on date is at 2,30,000 spindles (with end-to-end spinning machines from LMW) and 9,000 rotors producing around 220 tonne/day. The company also hosts 100 knitting machines in their facilities. The operation of the conglomerate is headed by the Aditya Sachan, Executive Director.

S.T. Cottex has deployed the most modern and smart spinning systems to produce a diversified range of products like Ring spun yarn, Open-end yarn and Knitted fabrics and over 70% of the end products are exported to customers across Europe, USA, Latin America, Middle East and the Far East regions.

The total manufacturing capacity is hosted across a total of 14 units with 10 units dedicated to spinning, 3 dedicated to open end process and 1 towards knitting. These units are strategically located for commercial & logistical advantage in the northern region of India.

Their state-of-art spinning facilities produce 20s to 40s Ne Spun Yarn in the Carded, Combed, Compact, Melange, Blends, Virgin & Recycled Polyester category and 5s to 24s Ne in the Open End Yarn – Polyester / Cotton category.

In terms of Knitted Grey Fabric, 100% Cotton, Polyester / Cotton blend, Polyester / Cotton melange, 100% Virgin polyester spun and 100% Recycled polyester spun are produced in their facilities.

An everlasting association with the technology leader

The everlasting association between S.T Cottex and LMW which spans over 2 decades is evident in the installation of 100% LMW machinery in all the ring spinning units (2,30,000 spindles) at S.T. Cottex. This long-term association and trust built on positive experience and deliverables from LMW products have made LMW their top and only choice for S.T. Cottex in its journey of continuous growth and spinning success.

Aditya Sachan says, “Our association with LMW over two decades have always remained refreshingly new. When we wanted to establish a spinning unit in the early 2000’s, LMW was our top of the mind choice. LMW’s machines are technically superior and offers good value for money. Our association with LMW over the years has helped us grow into the strong spinning conglomerate we are today with over 200,000 installed spindles, serving both domestic and international markets”.

New Compact Spinning Project with 34,272 Spindles: A step forward in the journey of continued growth and expansion

Based on their successful partnership with LMW in all projects and the exceptional value delivered by LMW, S.T Cottex have taken the next step in their journey of continued expansion with a 34,272 spindles compact ring spinning project incorporating the latest smart series machines from LMW.

The new project comprises of the following machinery namely Bale plucker LA23/S, Card LC363/361, Twin Delivery Non-Autoleveler Drawframe LDB3, Lap former LH20S, Comber LK69S/M, Autoleveler Drawframe LDF3 S, Speedframe LF4280/A and Compact Ringframe LRJ 9/SX/SXL. 

To quote Aditya Sachan, “Whenever we plan to expand or modernise, LMW is our first and only choice. With our vision to grow globally, we always plan to install state-of-art facility in our new and upcoming projects and the latest smart series machines from LMW cater to the vision. One of the primary reasons to remain with LMW is the strong support rendered by its sales & service teams”.

He added, “Today we are at a turnover of 1,400 crore and our vision is to reach 2,000 crore in the next 3 to 4 years’ time”. 

In the perspective of the technical team, the attributes that created a lasting impression which ensures the continuing association with LMW machines are “The LMW machines are the best in the industry and are very user friendly in terms of operation and maintenance. The deliverables offered in terms of productivity, quality, raw material savings and power savings help us to produce yarn at the lowest cost of production with high quality. 

When we planned our last project U13 with 25,920 Spindles for 20 Ne, 100% PSF, our target was to achieve best quality yarn with 440 gpss. With Ring frame LR9AXL backed with technologically advanced preparatory machines, the required output was achieved at ease.

We are able to achieve the desired productivity with high quality as required by the customer in each of our projects. The running costs of the machines are also much lower which helps in producing the yarn at a lower cost and to compete and grow in the global markets.”

By imbuing intelligence to spinning technology, the state-of-the-art spinning solutions from LMW empower mills to be technologically ahead and future ready in the dynamic and uncertain global textile market.

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