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The idea of Jumac smart cans started in early 2019, when the core team, R&D team, and our brand consultants came together towards planning our positioning at the ITMA Barcelona.

Jumac has been manufacturing spinning cans for more than four decades. Technology and innovation have always pushed us to manufacture a better product. Started with manual production units for almost all parts of the can, today, the facility is a fully automated one. Technology has allowed Jumac to improve on the product quality, bring accuracy in the process, scale-up production volumes, and reduce manual intervention wherever possible.

Better products ensure happier customers. Over the years, our product innovation and quality have enjoyed loyalty from top spinning mill owners and partners across the world by making us one of the leading manufacturers of sliver cans globally.

Where it all began?
The idea of Jumac smart cans started in early 2019, when the core team, R&D team, and our brand consultants came together towards planning our positioning at the ITMA Barcelona. Opportunities like ITMA allow you to showcase your very best. It also shows the path towards the future as well as what the customers can expect from you.

The Internet of Things is a growing buzzword in today’s world. Every device around you, from your car to TV, AC to fridge, is connected to your phone. At your workplace, smartphones can access wireless and Bluetooth devices around you. Sliver cans are no different. We connected the sliver cans with your smartphones.

What is your offering?
Jumac smart cans is a combination of our smart sliver cans and the Jumac smart can app. While the sliver cans come with a pre-coded QR code attached to each new batch of the product, the Smart Can App is exclusively accessible to our customers when you place your first order with us. Scan the QR code, and let the app do the rest of the magic.

Is the can launched and operational?
Yes, a glimpse of Jumac smart can app was revealed at the ITMA Barcelona 2019. Following which we committed our partners that the App will be operational by early 2020. Finally at our Annual Partners Conference in Kolkata, India – we launched the full functional App. It is now available for download at both Android Play Store and iPhone Appstore.

How does the app help in saving operational time?
Spinning mills are huge facilities with hundreds and thousands of spinning cans roaming around far from the administrative offices. It often gets difficult for operators to identify the details of a can while working on the mill floor as the can technical details are available in the administrative office. Identify the dimensions of a can, or making a service complaint regarding any specific can – might get tough for an operator.

Jumac smart can helps you to scan the QR code on the can, and you get instant access to the technical specifications. It also allows placing an immediate service request for that specific batch of cans, as the system populates the rest of the information from the QR code itself. All you need is a worked Internet connection. It saves a lot of operational time.

Spinning mill owners can also provide access to the floor managers making it easier to use it in operations.

What more does the app do?
I think another great feature of the can is to enable customers to place an order of a new can. It also allows them to track the order from the app. Live update from the production floor to dispatch, shipping to arrival at the port – our team keeps an update of each order on the system. It is just like how you track the status of your Amazon order.

What is your favourite feature?
Out of all, my favourite is the Knowledge Capsule. Knowledge Capsule has updated blogs, videos, news and other technical knowledge related stuff that will help the operators on the spinning mill floor. They are the real magicians who transform cotton into yarn. This feature is our little effort to add value to them and help them improve and upgrade.

Some examples of content would be how to assemble the spinning can. How to maintain the parts, how to ensure a longer life for your caster wheels, difference between nylon caster wheels and polycarbonate, why choose HDPE in body sheets and many more.

What is your next plan now?
The pandemic and lockdown have made us understand the importance of going digital and adapt the new technologies. Our true success will be to ensure all our customers adapt to change and start using Jumac smart cans to the fullest of its potential.

Our next plans hence will be to implement this feature across all our existing customers as well as all new customers and ensure that they start using the app. It is also to integrate the app with our agents globally as they are the last-mile service provider for the company.

JUMAC is a leading manufacturer and exporter of HDPE sliver cans, supplying to top spinning mills in 25 countries for over five decades.

The article is authored by Himanshu Fogla, Director at Jumac.

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