LMW’s innovations for achieving benchmarking levels of productivity and quality

LMW’s innovations for achieving benchmarking levels of productivity and quality

The company introduced Ring Frame LRJ 90/SX, Smart Card LC636 SX with CDS & Fix-Fi, and Ringframe Auto Piecing (RAP).

LMW introduced its latest innovations at ITMA 2023 in Italy, Milan. The company introduced Ring Frame LRJ 90/SX, Smart Card LC636 SX with CDS & Fix-Fi, and Ringframe Auto Piecing (RAP).


LMW proudly unveiled the longest smart ring frame LR 90 Series, the first of its kind to the market with a host of features that deliver superlative benefits to the end user. The machine comes in two variants, LR90 SX/SXL (without compact) and LRJ 90 SX/SXL (with inbuilt suction compact arrangement).

Increased productivity and quality

The Ring Frame LR 90 Series is the longest ring frame offering in the market with a maximum spindleage of up to 2400. With a higher spindle speed of up to 30,000 rpm (mechanical), the machine delivers higher productivity with consistent quality. The technological enhancements and the quality package ensure up to 30 per cent improvement in yarn imperfection and classimat H1 fault and reduction in EBH upto 2-3 per cent.

Power savings

The energy efficient, low decibel HLED spindles coupled with HK RYC consumes lower power and saves up to 8 per cent. The pneumafil suction and compact suction are so designed that the overall power savings including the spindles is up to 10 per cent.

Compact footprint

This Smart Ring frame is design with a gauge length of 65 mm and occupies lowest footprint and saves space of up to 8 per cent.


The state-of-the-art automation includes the Ring rail drive, New auto-doffer drive mechanisms and Suction unit with AWES.


LMW presented Smart Card LC636 SX with CDS & Fix-Fil, the most innovative card that drives productivity and quality to the highest levels. With optional features of CDS (Card with Drafting System) and Fix-Fil can changer arrangement, this card ensures high efficiency and productivity up to 250 kg/hr with consistent quality.

The 1.5-metre working width and 36 working flats ensure quality deliverable, thanks to the highly impressive active carding and cylinder area. Due to its unique design of various technological elements and energy efficient drives the smart card delivers higher realization of up to 1 per cent with power savings of up to 15 per cent.

This smart card is equipped with a new patented 120 mm height flats to have stable and constant cylinder to flat setting across the width. The flats to cylinder setting sensing are through optical sensors mounted on four flats such that any time the distance is sensed and known (Optional feature). To improve the user friendliness and maintenance friendliness, FASS – Flats automatic setting system is provided as an optional feature wherein it retains the 5 individual place adjustments through motor.

This card is loaded with a host of features that benefit customers and meet the demanding requirements of the market. Overall, experience high productivity, enhanced quality, better realisation, lower power consumption, optimised space utilisation, and reduced manpower requirements. It’s time to take your spinning game to the next level with this innovation.

Choosing the LC636 SX Card is a significant step towards achieving optimal utilisation of resources and increasing productivity.


Ringframe Auto Piecing (RAP), the fully automated yarn piecing system for ring spinning machine, receives information on yarn break through YBS (Yarn Break Sensor) and travels to the particular spindle and automatically pieces the yarn instantly.

Manpower savings

The biggest challenge faced by the spinning industry is shortage of skilled manpower, especially in Ring spinning. The piece needs to be trained and skilled to do the piecing with lesser end mending time to avoid production losses. The RAP ensures auto piecing thus reducing the dependency on manpower.

Increased productivity

RAP consistently works 24 x 7 around the year. The RAP unit receives signal from the YBS (Yarn breakage sensor) and travels directly to the respective spinning position and automatically mends the yarn.  RAP captures the broken end from the package in the unique way without lifting the package, then inserts the yarn into the traveler and gets over pieced. The immediate attention to the broken end and the shorter auto piecing cycle time around 35s ensures higher productivity.

Precise quality

RAP ensures the consistent piecing length in the mended yarn. Auto Piecer also eliminates the contamination on the cop outer surface (through manual handling) which enhances and retain the quality of the yarn.


The unique design of Ring frame Auto Piecing (RAP) is suitable for both type of spinning technology, Normal Ring Spinning and Compact Spinning. It works ease on all applications.

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