LMW RESPIN: Leading sustainability at Sri Lakshmi Ganesh Spinning Mills

LMW RESPIN: Leading sustainability at Sri Lakshmi Ganesh Spinning Mills


LMW’s smart series machinery has enabled Sri Lakshmi Ganesh Spinning Mills to process recycled fibre efficiently while ensuring the highest productivity & quality.

LMW and Sri Lakshmi Ganesh Spinning Mills’ longstanding partnership for OE Recycled fibre processing has been instrumental in setting benchmarks for producing recycled yarn. LMW’s smart series machinery has enabled Sri Lakshmi Ganesh Spinning Mills to process recycled fibre efficiently while ensuring the highest productivity & quality. The inspiring journey of Sudhan Group traces its origin back to a humble yarn trading venture in 1985, the ethos of quality and growth has remained unchanged. Today, under the dynamic leadership of K C Chandrasekaran, Managing Director, and A C Hariharan Sudhan, Joint Managing Director, Sudhan Group, has blossomed into a multifaceted enterprise, encompassing every stage of textile production. With over 1200 dedicated employees, Sudhan Group has evolved into a powerhouse, catering from fibre to fabric to trade, with an unwavering commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

K C Chandrasekaran, Managing Director, Sudhan Group

“Our partnership with LMW has been instrumental in transforming our spinning mill. With their latest technology and innovative solutions, we’ve boosted efficiency and cut operational costs. Most importantly, their support has led to a quicker return on investment, fueling our growth and setting new standards in our industry.”

-K C Chandrasekaran

Commencing with a modest setup of 960 rotors for cotton processing, Sri Lakshmi Ganesh Spinning OE division mill quickly recognised the need for sustainable practices in the industry. With a forward-thinking approach, they transitioned into recycled fibre processing, aligning with global demands for eco-friendly solutions. Today, their capacity has surged to a remarkable 10,000 rotors, with Sri Lakshmi Ganesh Spinning Mills contributing 5,000 rotors and Sudhan Yarns adding another 5,000 rotors to the group’s portfolio. Central to their sustainable journey is the integration of LMW’s Smart machines, meticulously designed for efficiency and environmental consciousness. LMW’s cutting-edge technology, including the revolutionary Autoblend LA10 system, has been instrumental in optimising resource utilisation while ensuring uncompromised quality.

With a production capacity of 40 tonne per day and a range spanning from 2s to 36s Ne recycled yarn, the mill caters primarily to domestic markets, championing the cause of sustainable fashion at a grassroots level. 

The mill has a production capacity of 40 tonne per day and a range spanning from 2s to 36s Ne recycled yarn.

LMW’s State-of-the-art machinery at Sri Lakshmi Ganesh Spinning Mills

LMW has recently supplied its state-of-the-art preparatory machinery for processing regenerated fibre at the mills. The installation includes Blowroom Line comprising of AUTO BLEND LA10, MIXING OPENER MODEL LB3/7, UNIMIX MODEL LB7/4 & LB7/6, Card LC361 – 5 nos. and Autoleveler Draw frame LDF3 S – 2 nos.

The Gentle Blowroom line: This line from LMW ensures efficient opening, cleaning, and homogeneous blending. This highly flexible blowroom line, can process Regenerated fibres, cotton, manmade fibres, blends, and special fibres with high cleaning efficiency. The Blowroom line is equipped with Autoblend LA10 and assures high accurate blending up to 1per cent range and has a high production capacity of 2000 kg/hr, effective micro dust extraction and continuous feed to the card.

Autoblend LA10

  • Maximum, 4 Feeder
  • Blending ratio up to 99:1
  • Blend accuracy of +/- 1 per cent
  • Two-line output possible with two different blend per cent
  • Direct measurement using load cells
  • Minimum 100 gms to maximum 3000 gms per drop
  • Maximum handling of material in blending chamber is 5500 gms/sandwich block (depends on tuft size & blend per cent)
  • Manpower reduction in mixing department
  • Blend Accuracy +/- 1 per cent: Accurate weighing of material
  • Lot size can be set for each blend
  • Two lines with different blend ratio possible
  • Online weight variation monitor which monitors weight & stops the machine if there is weight variation

Card LC361: Equipped with single licker-in and is designed for higher productivity and quality with distinctive features for every variety of cotton, man-made fibre, recycled fibre and blends. The machine has a special profiled Arcual combing arrangement for lesser lint loss, highest number of working flats (36 nos.) and highest active real carding area of 1.296 metres result in 20 per cent higher carding area. The robust manufacturing and design of the card ensures reliability of the parts during the processing of recycled fibres.

Autoleveller Draw Frame LDF3 S:  Equipped with a servo drive arrangement and a well-synchronised drive system with a timing belt. It is specifically designed to operate at a maximum delivery speed of 1,100 mpm (mechanically), enabling high productivity while maintaining consistent sliver quality for counts up to Ne 36s in recycle hosiery and woven application. The advanced Duo Digital Autolevelling system optimises the process, resulting in consistently improved sliver quality at higher speeds.

M J Senthil Kumar, General Manager

“The exceptional performance of LMW’s products, particularly the Autoblend system, meets and exceeds our expectations in productivity, quality, and related deliverables. The Autoblend’s perfect blending capabilities have streamlined our processes and saved manpower. LMW’s solutions have been invaluable.”

-M J Senthil Kumar

LMW’s Sustainable Smart Solutions for Spinning Success (4S), supported by a culture of innovation, empowers mills with a technological and competitive advantage. This is achieved through mission-critical automation, real-time data, analytics from connected machines, compatibility with all applications, and reliable performance under diverse operating conditions.  

At LMW, sustainability & circularity is a way of life

LMW consistently strives to minimise the impact of its manufacturing processes on the environment. As sustainability has become an integral part of its DNA, LMW has pledged its time and resources towards this worthy cause. Sustainability also means extending the lifecycle of the products and LMW has been producing machines that are built to last.


Transforming the textile value chain into one that is sustainable and circular will allow manufacturers to address the environmental and social impacts, while also supporting people, prosperity and equity. The Smart Series machines from LMW, the Trendsetter in recycled fibre processing is suitable for mechanical recycling and is the most popular one with over 100 installations globally.

LMW, a leading textile machinery manufacturer, offers a wide range of spinning solutions from Blow room to Winding. Their Sustainable Smart solutions for Spinning Success (4S) integrate intelligence into spinning technology, ensuring consistent performance, automation, real-time data, and analytics. The Smart Series machines, renowned for recycled fiber processing, boast over 100 installations worldwide and transforming the textile value chain into one that is sustainable, and circular allowing manufacturers to address the environmental and social impacts. With LMW PACE guaranteeing top-notch spares & services, LMW delivers superior value globally through its extensive sales and service network and pioneering R&D team, making it the preferred choice for customers.