Klübersynth HM 8-200 BH: Tailored to elevate performance across industries

Klübersynth HM 8-200 BH: Tailored to elevate performance across industries


Klübersynth HM 8-200 BH stands out as the optimal high temperature chain oil in applications like stenters and dryers in textile machinery.

In today’s industrial landscape, lubricants are indispensable for ensuring optimal machine performance under extreme conditions. As industries worldwide push the boundaries of efficiency and productivity, the demand for high-performance lubrication solutions has never been greater.

Elevating textile industry performance: Klübersynth HM 8-200 BH Stenter Oil

Engineered with precision and backed by decades of expertise from Klüber Lubrication, this formulation sets new standards for reliability and resilience. Designed to excel under extreme conditions, it offers unmatched thermal stability, corrosion protection, and longevity. Join us as we explore the exceptional capabilities of Klübersynth HM 8-200 BH, tailored to elevate performance across industries.

Navigating challenges in oil lubricated stenters

  • Malfunctions in high-temperature environments:Conventional oils struggle to withstand the extreme temperatures encountered.
  • Rapid machinery movements:The fast-paced nature of the equipment puts conventional oils under immense strain, leading to frequent breakdowns and maintenance requirements.
  • Unexpected and frequent downtimes: Inefficiencies caused by conventional oils limitations result in costly downtime for daily operations.
  • Precision requirements:Conventional oils often fail to provide the precise lubrication needed for textile machinery, impacting product quality and consistency.
  • Maintenance challenges: The limitations of conventional oils in the textile industry contribute to heightened maintenance needs, disrupting production schedules and increasing costs.

The optimal solution: Klübersynth HM 8-200

Klübersynth HM 8-200 BH stands out as the optimal high temperature chain oil in applications like stenters, dryers in textile machinery, thanks to its exceptionally low evaporation rate. Its rapid penetration and immediate formation of a lubricating film ensure optimal performance from the outset. Whether administered through centralised lubrication systems, oil spray systems, drip oilers, or manual methods like oil feeder or brush application, this versatile lubricant guarantees reliable lubrication for all friction points. Count on Klübersynth HM 8-200 BH for consistent and dependable lubrication, enhancing efficiency and durability in various operational contexts.

Revolutionising industrial efficiency: The breakthrough of Klübersynth HM 8-200 BH

Uncover the transformative impact of Klübersynth HM 8-200 BH on industrial operations ;

  • Enhances cost efficiency: Reduces operating costs of machinery due to decreased consumption
  • Minimises contamination: The oil has a higher stability at high temperatures and therefore has lower residue formation
  • Optimises performance: Seamless machine operation is facilitated by excellent pumpability and precise metering through centralised lubrication systems
  • Improves productivity: Maximises machine efficiency by sustaining operation without interruptions and increasing output levels
  • Enhances reliability: Boosts machine reliability through decreased residue formation
  • Extends longevity: Mitigating wear preserves equipment lifespan, even in high temperature environments

A plethora of application possibilities

Discover the unparalleled versatility of Klübersynth HM 8-200 BH, the optimal lubricant solution for high-temperature chain applications in textile machinery as well as versatile applications including conveyors, dryers, and cross belt chains. Engineered for superior performance in normal and high-temperature environments, it seamlessly integrates into centralised lubrication systems or can be applied via oil spray systems, drip oilers, or manual methods.

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