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ZXY, HeiQ to upgrade trade with textile brands

Jul 29, 2021
ZXY, HeiQ to upgrade trade with textile brands


ZXY International has announced its joint venture partnership agreement with HeiQ. This new partnership is going to help ZXY trade with other brands and mills in the textile sector.

ZXY will be able to connect these brands and mills as per the needed requirements with innovative technologies from HeiQ. These include HeiQ Smart Temp, HeiQ Viroblock, and HeiQ Eco Dry. According to Abby Jamal, founder and managing director, ZXY International, he is excited as he has found a like-minded Innovation partner in HeiQ. He also said that the company is unique as it helps its business customers to grow and also takes care of its partners.

He further said that he is confident that HeiQ will support ZXY efforts in coming up with competitive sourcing solutions at good prices so that the fast-changing customer needs can be satisfied. As per Carlo Centonze, Co-founder and CEO, HeiQ, this partnership is a perfect fit because it will allow HeiQ to mark its impact on the world map. The company can now reach previously inaccessible market segments by taking help from ZXY. He also said that the company is looking forward to building on this initial partnership and take the company to the next level.

ZXY is headquartered in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Its main role is to offer solutions to product challenges along with adding value to the supply chain.

Source – The Daily Star

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