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Bangladesh textile units to follow fire safety norms

Jun 30, 2021
Bangladesh textile units to follow fire safety norms


Under the new rules, named 'Textile Industry (registration and one-stop service centre) Rules-2021', investors in Bangladesh have to obtain both 'proposed licence' and 'existing licence' from the Department of Textiles (DoT).


The 'proposed licence' will be issued to the textile industries until starting commercial production - this licence will be valid for two years. The investors will be eligible for 'existing licence' after starting commercial production. The rules, issued by the Ministry of Textile and Jute recently, have been framed under the Textile Act-2018.

The government has issued the new rule for investors of the clothing and textile industries, keeping a provision of getting environment and fire safety clearance first prior to obtaining factory registration.

However, following proposals of the Bangladesh Textile Mills Association (BTMA), the ministry has waived the provision that makes the factory owners solely responsible for any fire incidence in the factory.

Punitive measures will be taken on fire incidence following the report of an investigation committee, according to the new guidelines.

The rules will be also applicable for primary textile, readymade garment, allied textile, and packaging and accessories manufacturers.

In the draft, the BTMA pointed out a number of areas, which are not relevant to the textile industry.

On environmental clearance, the textile mill owners said knit, weaving and spinning mills did not process any wet materials so it was irrelevant for them to obtain the certificate.

Sources: The Financial Express

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