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Bangladesh Govt to offer financial aid to RMG workers

Jun 21, 2021
Bangladesh Govt to offer financial aid to RMG workers


As per reports, the Ministry of Labour and Employment, Bangladesh, has offered Tk 930 million to 7,000 RMG (Readymade Garment) workers and their relatives. This money was taken from the ministry’s central fund.

The matter was disclosed during the 14th board meeting of the central fund during which The Labour and Employment Ministry has decided to distribute some money from the central fund. Begum Monnujan Sufian, Chairperson, State Minister for Labour and Employment headed the meeting which was held at the conference room of Labour Bhaban in Bijaynagar, in Dhaka on last Thursday.

As per the Bangladesh Labour Act, 0.03% of the total export value of the RMG industry is given directly to the fund through Bangladesh Bank. Then this fund is given to the workers and their families. In the light of the labour law, around Tk 2.82 billion was deposited in the central fund. Approximately Tk 830 million from this fund is given to the families of 4,188 workers in case of death incidents. 2,076 workers received some portion of this fund for medical assistance, and the remaining fund was given for the education of the 736 children of the workers.

Source – Dhaka Tribune

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