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Teijin launches denim-like aramid fabric

Dec 15, 2016
Teijin launches denim-like aramid fabric

Teijin Limited has launched Xfire® DENIM, a practical and fireproof denim-like aramid fibre fabric for firefighting uniforms. The new aramid fabric is expected to meet the growing demand for extra-maneuverable clothing for volunteer fire corps. Sales of Xfire® DENIM has begun in December and Japanese manufacturers will start selling uniforms for fire corps made with Xfire® DENIM in 2017.

Made with Teijinconex® meta-aramid fibre, Xfire® DENIM is produced with a proprietary technology to realize a pliant texture similar to that of denim, a universally popular fabric. Xfire® DENIM also offers outstanding comfort and design flexibility. The fabric’s unique appearance also is practical because it enables professional and volunteer fire corps to be easily distinguished when working side-by-side.

The launch of Xfire® DENIM further strengthens Teijin’s leading position in the Japanese market for protective apparel, where the company is renowned for incorporating high-performance materials in innovative hybrid safety solutions. Looking ahead, Teijin forecasts global sales in its safety and protection field to rise to JPY 20 billion by 2020.