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Teijin and Makita launch world’s 1st fan jacket

admin- May 1, 2018

Teijin Limited has jointly developed the world’s first fan-cooled jacket incorporating a two-layer pressure-controlled cooling structure together with Makita Corporation, a leading Japanese manufacturer of ... Read More

Teijin develops smart firefighters’ uniform

admin- October 9, 2017

Teijin Limited has developed a smart uniform for firefighters incorporating a sophisticated wearable device that monitors body heat. Read More

Teijin launches denim-like aramid fabric

admin- December 15, 2016

Teijin Limited has launched Xfire® DENIM, a practical and fireproof denim-like aramid fibre fabric for firefighting uniforms. The new aramid fabric is expected to meet ... Read More

Teijin to boost Technora output

admin- May 1, 2016

Teijin Limited has announced it will expand Technora para-aramid fibre production by 10 per cent through increasing capacity in Teijin’s Matsuyama Factory. Construction begins this ... Read More

Teijin develops new Aramid fibre fabric

admin- March 1, 2016

Teijin Limited has developed two new fabrics of Twaron® and Technora® para-aramid fibres to protect facilities Read More

Teijin launches high-performance membrane

admin- August 1, 2015

Teijin Limited has launched a new business based on the company´s high-performance microporous membrane production technology, MIRAIM. Read More

World’s first piezoelectric fabrics for wearable devices!

admin- March 1, 2015

The fabrics comprise a piezoelectric poly-L-lactic acid (PLLA) and carbon fibre electrode. Cu Kansai University and Teijin announced that Professor Yoshiro Tajitsu, Faculty of Engineering ... Read More