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Open-end spinbox components from Basant Wire

Mar 07, 2018
Open-end spinbox components from Basant Wire

Basant Wire, a manufacturer and technology solution provider as well as exporter of high precision pins, needles and pinned products for applications in textiles and nonwovens, are now offering import substitute products like open end (OE) spinbox components and pinned sleeves for perforation and fibrillation.

“The new production facility was established because there was a need for an Indian supplier, who can provide world class quality OE machine components at economical prices, while ensuring faster deliveries and quicker service" said Kishore Khaitan, MD, Basant Wire.

The open end opening rollers and clothing rings are manufactured at a new and highly automated state-of-the-art plant, the first such advanced and comprehensive facility in India for manufacturing and servicing of OE spares. The spanking new facility has been set up in collaboration with Stewarts of America Inc., USA, a world leader and an innovative solutions provider, specialising in pins and pinned products, technical textiles and perforating technologies.

“OE market being very competitive, textile mills need to achieve high quality and efficiency with lower maintenance costs and additionally, they needed solutions suited to local conditions. This was the main objective behind setting up the manufacturing facility, as we can now offer customised solutions, through our own facility and service infrastructure,” Khaitan explained.

The new products offered by BASANT are for use on all models of Schlaforst Autocoro, Rieter R,M and BT series; Saurer/Oerlikon/Schlaforst series; LR M1/2; Elitex BD200 (RN, SN, RCE, 10N, 20N), among others. The open end spinbox components offer a superior value proposition as they are priced much lower than European makes for comparable performance and the additional cost when compared to Asian products is significant when compared to gains in life and quality.

Additionally, Basant provides several innovative and customised solutions to resolve challenges faced by textile mills, with respect to quality, product and fibre mix; and ease of replacement. The company provides wire remounting and rotor reconditioning services and the reconditioning is done with a high level of precision, which ensures life and performance comparable with new, resulting in huge savings in replacement costs.

Further elaborating, Khaitan said, “The response from the Indian market is very encouraging, and we are glad that we have been able to add value to their processes through our international quality products and value-added services and expertise provided through Stewarts’ decades of specialisation and know-how in this field. We are already doing business with many of the leading players in Open End spinning in India, while trials of our superior solutions are underway at most others. In some cases, we have enabled clients take out more than a year’s extra life from components they were ready to throw away!”