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Lenzing fibres now fully biodegradable

Sep 06, 2019
Lenzing fibres now fully biodegradable

Lenzing has received confirmation of full biodegradability of its fibres in fresh water by independent research laboratory Organic Waste Systems (OWS). The new and existing international certifications conducted by OWS and issued by TÜV Austria verified that Lenzing’s viscose, modal and lyocell fibres are biodegradable in all natural and industrial environments.

The biodegradability of cellulosic products and the synthetic fibre polyester was tested in fresh water at OWS according to valid international standards, e.g ISO 14851. At the end of the trial period, Lenzing wood-based cellulosic fibres, cotton and paper pulp were shown to be fully biodegradable in fresh water in contrast to synthetic polyester fibres.

The fact that synthetic materials are not biodegradable leads to major problems in wastewater treatment plants and potentially marine litter. In turn, this not only harms fish and birds living in and close to the oceans but also all marine organisms and us humans.