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Fineotex Chemical appoints Arindam Choudhuri as CEO

Jun 09, 2021
Fineotex Chemical appoints Arindam Choudhuri as CEO


Fineotex Chemical - the producer of textile chemicals and auxiliaries - has appointed Arindam Choudhuri as the new Chief Executive Officer as the company expands its offerings.

Choudhuri holds a Bachelor of Technology degree in fibre technology and has done higher education in Marketing Management from ICFAI, Kolkata. He has also done a Chemical Management Professional course from NimkarTek located in Mumbai. He is specialized in chemical compliance management.

According to the company, Choudhuri will bring two decades of experience, deep insight, and great leadership qualities with him. He is a known figure when it comes to adopting sustainable practices while introducing a new product line.

According to Sanjay Tibrewala, CFO and Executive Director, Fineotex Chemical, the new CEO has the ability to establish good client relationships. He will also commit to the people of the company and follow core values. This will bring a positive change in the organisation, the CFO added.

The company wants to explore new areas that are untapped in the growing chemical space, as per the specialty chemical producer.

Fineotex Chemical is one of India's leading manufacturers of specialty chemicals, which are used mainly in industries like textile, construction, water-treatment, fertiliser, leather and paints. It also produces adhesives used in several industries like wood, paper etc.

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