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Biomaster to help golfers with antimicrobial technology

Aug 12, 2021
Biomaster to help golfers with antimicrobial technology


During the lockdowns, the golf courses were closed as per the decision of the government. This led to a sense of frustration amongst the Golfers.   

Considering this a company in Warrington has started to use Biomaster antimicrobial technology which will make it easier to keep the gold courses open in the future. According to Ulriks Björk, CEO Polygiene, the company sees great potential in its products in the golf segment and it is looking forward to partner with Biomaster.

Golfers in order to maintain safety, reduce cross-contamination, and improve better hygiene on the golf course came up with a creative method of play with the help of using multi-grip time-delayed touchpoint products. They got the idea when England Golf was asked to follow additional measures.

Now the restrictions have been removed so the players are free to remove flags and use rakes again. With the help of the new GGS system, the risk of microbial cross-contamination is reduced as the players will be allowed to touch only the allocated parts of the product. Biomaster antimicrobial technology can treat bunker rakes, flag sticks, and hole cups. The technology is capable of inhibiting the growth of harmful microbes on the surface of the product. 24-hour product protection, seven days a week, and 365 days a year is also offered by Biomaster.

Source – Press release of "Polygiene"

Image Source: Press release of "Polygiene"

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