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Igyne uses Polygiene ViralOff tech to make Indian Kurti

Jul 21, 2021
Igyne uses Polygiene ViralOff tech to make Indian Kurti


Igyne Fashion is launching the first set of Kurtis using Polygiene ViralOff antimicrobial technology in summer 2021. The company uses web stores, retail methods, and wholesale mediums to sell its products. Polygiene wants people to stay fresh when they use their clothes, home products, textiles, and accessories. The products should be such that they live longer and are easily washable. Around 200 premium brands in the world have decided to opt for Polygiene brand for their products. The brand offers solutions for both hard and soft surfaces.

Igyne Fashion is a producer of Kurtis, western and semi-western tops, and all kinds of Indian traditional garments. It is expected that the brand will start with its production in the coming years and the volumes will increase soon. According to Abhay Dahale, Founder, Igyne Fashion, the company has chosen Polygiene ViralOff technology to add value to the different product range. This technology does not prevent diseases but protects the treated material. He also said that the company wants to focus on the hygiene of the products and follows a sustainable approach. For the company reliable service and consistent high quality play a very important role. He added that there has been an increase in the demand for products with antimicrobial effects during the pandemic as well as the post-pandemic period.

As per Ulrika Björk, CEO, Polygiene, the garments that are commonly used across India have high potential. The demand for antimicrobial textiles has increased during the pandemic due to which Polygiene has been put on the map in India. He also said that the business of Polygiene Stays Fresh technologies is will come back to India looking at the current scenario.

It is said that the Kurti derives its origin from the traditional long tunic Kurta that was commonly used in northern India in past years. This Kurti has taken the form of a tunic worn by women throughout South Asia.

Source – Press release of "Polygiene"

Image Source: Press release of "Polygiene"

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