ITM & HIGHTEX postponed to 22-26 June 2021

ITM & HIGHTEX postponed to 22-26 June 2021

ITM and HIGHTEX exhibitions have been rescheduled to 22-26 June 2021.


The ITM International Textile Machinery Exhibition and the HIGHTEX International Technical Textiles and Nonwoven Exhibition, held every two years in partnership with Tüyap Tüm Fuarcilik Inc. and Teknik Fuarcilik Inc, and in cooperation with TEMSAD, were planned to be held between June 2-6 this year. However, as the Coronavirus (Covid-19) continue to increasingly impact all the world, the ITM and HIGHTEX exhibitions had been postponed to 14-18 July 2020, but it has been announced that the events have been rescheduled to 22-26 June 2021.

The ITM and HIGHTEX Exhibitions, which were previously planned to take place between June 2-6 this year, were postponed to 22-26 June 2021 due to the coronavirus outbreak seeming to occupy the world over the coming months.

The ITM and HIGHTEX Project Group stated the following regarding the postponement: “We continue our efforts for the ITM and HIGHTEX exhibitions at full steam. We believe that our textile industry will be revitalized and reach a better point with the end of the coronavirus pandemic. While all the world is suffering a shortage of masks and protective clothing, Turkey is among the largest manufacturers of nonwoven fabrics and sanitary outfits in the world as well as in Europe thanks to its strong infrastructure for the production of textiles, garments and nonwovens. We know that the Turkish textile industry, which manufactures masks and protective clothing to offer health benefits to all the world today, will grow stronger in this process and continue its investments at full speed. We believe that this synergy and strength in the Turkish textile industry will have a positive impact on our events. For this reason, we believe that our the ITM and HIGHTEX Exhibitions, that we had to postpone to 2021, will provide great opportunities for the global and Turkish textile industries, which we expect to will gain momentum after the coronavirus outbreak.”

Preparations for the ITM and HIGHTEX 2021 Exhibitions continue at full steam to bring together hundreds of manufacturers and global investors who develop leading technologies in their fields. The latest technologies and new products to be displayed at ITM and HIGHTEX Exhibitions, which will open their doors in Istanbul Tuyap Fair Convention and Congress Center next year, will meet with textile investors from all over the world.